Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Annual Conference of the Welsh Place-Name Society, October 3, 2015



On Saturday, the 3rd of October 2015, the Welsh Place-Name Society will be holding its Annual Conference and General Meeting at the Royal Welsh Showground in Llanelwed.
Flag_of_Wales_2.svgThe aim of the Society is twofold:
  • to promote the awareness, study, and understanding of Welsh Place-Names
  • to increase interest in and appreciation for the history, culture, and language of Wales

To become a member of the Society, complete the Membership Form. For more information,click here.
Cymdeithas Enwau Lleoedd Cymru / Welsh Place-name Society
Cynhadledd a Chyfarfod Blynyddol / Annual Conference and General Meeting
Dydd Sadwrn / Saturday, 3 Hydref / October 2015
Maes y Sioe /Royal Welsh Showground, Llanelwedd