Saturday, July 18, 2015

Submission guidelines for Onomàstica. Anuari the Societat d’Onomàstica


The Societat d’Onomàstica has set in motion the process of publishing Onomàstica. Anuari de la Societat d’Onomàstica, an academic e-journal dedicated to the study of names in the broadest sense of the term. The editorial board of the journal has set itself the date of September 2015 for the publication of the first issue. Accordingly, we now call on all interested parties to send us their original submissions (and, for the first issue, doing so before April 30th).

The journal is aimed at anyone who is interested in or who studies onomastics, including people who are affiliated with academic institutions, professionals and self-taught individuals. For all of this group, the journal seeks to be a useful communication tool and an effective channel for the dissemination of all kinds of research related to this field of knowledge, overcoming limitations arising from the diversity of languages, the multiplicity of academic fields and the profusion of geographic contexts and scales. Our starting premise is that names are, in themselves, an interdisciplinary concept and that, potentially, their use is open and can be studied by any disciplinary branch if there is an express wish to relate it to the onomastics perspective.

We are aware of the potentially multi-thematic and all-embracing scope of onomastics, and in order to be consistent with this we believe that the journal should be open to as many perspectives as possible from the linguistic point of view. Therefore, while using Catalan as the publication’s base language, we also accept original submissions written in any Romance language, as well as in English and German.

We expect that Onomàstica. Anuari de la Societat d’Onomàstica will be published on a yearly basis. Both in terms of form and content, the editorial board wishes to meet the standards required for the journal to be considered as a high-quality academic publication. To this end, in addition to setting up an advisory board that can ensure the suitability and rigorousness of the publication at three different levels (local, national and international), it has established the principle that original submissions are to be reviewed by two anonymous experts.

This call therefore additionally serves as a statement of intent on the part of the editorial board and the board of directors of the Societat d’Onomàstica as we set in motion the project for a journal that we started to nurture a few years ago. And it is also an open and hopeful invitation for people—both our members and those who, in spite of not being members, share the ideals and principles of onomastics that inspire our society—to actively participate in this project.

The editorial team of Onomàstica. Anuari de la Societat d’Onomàstica January 2015