Sunday, September 13, 2015

Interested in working at the American Name Society ?

Interested in becoming an ANS Officer?

Have you ever thought about getting more actively involved in the ANS? Well, here is your opportunity! The ANS is presently looking for people interested in becoming an ANS officer. At present there are four different offices open. See the ANS Officer Information document for detailed descriptions about each of these positions and the official application form.
To apply for any of these offices, simply email your completed application form as a pdf or Word document to the ANS President, Iman Nick (mavi.yaz[@] The deadline for receipt of the completed application form is October 9th, 2015.
If you know someone whom you think would be an excellent candidate for one or more of these positions, please do feel free to pass this information along! Students are welcome to apply! Please note that candidates do not have to be U.S. American citizens or residents. However, native-level fluency in English is required. If you have any questions, please email Iman at the address listed above.

Open ANS Offices  
Member-at-Large (2016-2019) 
The person elected to this position will serve as a voting member of the Executive Council (EC) and is expected to participate actively in the legislative decision-making involved in resolutions and motions placed before the EC. In addition to these duties, members-at-large serve on various auxiliary sub-committees to, for example, help with the nomination of new officers, coordination of the annual conference, and organization of allied conferences. Officers in this position can renew their term of service twice. 

Vice-President (2016-2018
The person elected to this position is primarily responsible for co-organizing the ANS annual conference in close cooperation with the ANS President. As conference co-chair, the person in this position will issue an official call for papers, organize a team of reviewers, design the programme of paper presentations, and coordinate with the Linguistic Society of America and the other linguistic affiliates or “Sister Societies”: the American Dialect Society (ADS), the Society of Pidgin and Creole Linguistics (SPCL), the Society for the Study of Indigenous Languages of the America (SSILA), The Association for Linguistic Evidence (TALE), and the North American Association for the History of Language Sciences (NAAHoLS). In addition to these duties, the VP also serves as a voting member of the Executive Council and, as such, is actively involved in the legislative process of the ANS. The person selected for this office has the option of running for the office of ANS President, at the end of his/her term. Candidates for this position are expected to have superior organizational, time-management, and communication skills. 

Membership Officer (projected to begin in 2016)
This position is a newly created ANS office. In addition to being a voting member of the ANS Executive Council (EC), the person chosen for this position is principally responsible for maintaining the Society files on all ANS members, both institutional and individual. In addition, in coordination with the EC and the publisher of the ANS Journal (Taylor & Francis), this officer is responsible for developing strategies for securing new ANS members; and for providing support services for current ANS members. Given these duties, the person selected for this position is expected to have exceptional organizational and communicative abilities as well as strong skills in data-base management. The term of service for this position is between 1 to 5 years; and may be renewed pending approval of the EC. 

Allied Conference Coordinator (projected to run from 2016-2018)* 
The person elected to this position is principally responsible for organizing the ANS session at the annual conference of the Modern Language Association. This activity involves issuing a call for papers, assembling a team of abstract reviewers, selecting three authors whose work will be presented at the MLA conference, and coordinating the presentation of the three winning abstracts with the MLA administration. In addition to these duties, as a voting member of the ANS Executive Council (EC), the Allied Conference Coordinator participates in the legislative decision-making of the Society. Although the term of service for this position is for two years, the holder of this office may be re-elected pending approval by the EC. Given the fact that this position requires close communication with the MLA, candidates who have a demonstrated expertise in literary onomastics will receive preference. Holders of this position are also eligible for election as an ANS Vice President.