Saturday, January 30, 2016

Visual exploration of the spatial patterns in the endings of German town and village names


Moritz Stefaner, as a data visualizer
an independent designer, consultant and Researcher, picked the most interesting suffixes from and cross-referenced them with a list of place names from geonames.

Darker colors indicate a higher proportion of place names with the respective suffix in a geographic cell. Hover over a cell for a while to see a tooltip with the place names.

Please note: his approach is not 100% scientific, as Moritz only matches the letters at the end of the string, not actual syllables. So, Kirchbach matches -ach (!)           

Yet, it's a dataset he always found interesting to explore; plus, this quick experiment gave the opportunity to play a bit with a few new tools and libraries Moritz wanted to learn more about.

Find the code at:

Städtenamen: Itz Osten          

And, here's a few screenshots. Feel free to use them when you report on the project, but please link back to this page.
Moritz Stefaner, 2016