Monday, June 20, 2016

Preliminary Programme for the HSS colloquium "Onomastics and its history"

The Henry Sweet Society for the History of Linguistic Ideas

and Pembroke College Cambridge 

Onomastics and its History Pembroke College,
Cambridge, 13-15 September 2016  

Preliminary Programme   

13 September 2016 (Old Library)

2pm-3pm: Registration, coffee and tea available 

3pm: Opening 

3.15pm: Lesley Seiffert Memorial Lecture Silvio Brendler (Vienna): In Search of the Name 

4.15pm-4.30pm: Tea break 

Savina Raynaud (Milano): Onomastics and the History of its Semantic Theory. Between Motivation and Identifying Function

Nadia Kerečuk (London): Thesaurus of Human Imagination: The History of Onomastics Revisited

David Cram (Oxford): Are Proper Names Proper Words? Perspectives on a Perennial Problem 

6pm: Reception 

7pm: HSS Committee meeting  

14 September 2016 (Parallel sessions: Old Library and Nihon Room) 

SESSION A: Old Library

Laura Massetti (Köln): On the Greek Onomastics and Inherited Poetic Phraseology of Fame and Glory

Domenico Musciansi (Siena/Köln): A New Epithet of Zeus from Archaic Thera

Zsolt Simon (München): Luwian Personal Names in Old Assyrian Transmission

Edoardo Middei (Macerata/Köln): Detecting Names in Palaeo-Sabellian texts: their Interpretation between Methodical Paths and Historical Aspects of Naming Systems 

SESSION B: Nihon Room

Doyle Calhoun (Boston): What gets lost or elided in the digital (re-)presentation of older linguistic texts? 

David Moore (Perth): Missionary Fieldwork in the Linguistics Landscape of Central Australia 1890-1910

Kenichi Kadooka (Kyoto): Acceptance of Anton Marty's Semantics in Japan

Yurii Sytko/Ekaterina Sorokina (Sevastopol): Common Features of Charles S. Peirce's Theory of Signs and Aristotle's Categories through J.Pacius' Table of Predicabilia  

11am-11.30am: Coffee break 

11.30am- 1pm

SESSION A: Old Library

Blanca Maria Prósper (Salamanca): What to Expect from the Study of Epigraphically Attested Names: for a History of Palaeohispanic Onomastics

Colmán Etchingham (Maynooth): Authenticity, Inaccuracy or Creativity? Gaelic Personal Names in Iceland’s Landnámabók

Riccardo Ginevra (Siena/Köln): Old Norse Sigyn 

SESSION B: Nihon Room

Martin Konvička (Berlin): Grammatica Ars Obligatoria: In Search of the Medieval Origins of Obligatoriness

Ji Ma (Sheffield): Constructing a Language Commonwealth: John Hart and the Sociopolitical Conceptualizations of Orthographic Reform in the Tudor Age

Frank Breheny/Marjorie Lorch (London): The Influence of Robert Quick’s Essays on Educational Reformers (1868) upon American Pedagogical Writing on the Language Teaching Methods 

1pm-2.15pm: Lunch


SESSION A: Old Library

Christina Katsikadeli (München): “Onomastics” in Late Antiquity: Some Case Studies from the Early Rabbinic Literature

Ricardo Muñoz Solla (Salamanca): Hispano-Jewish Medieval Onomastics

Daniela Fruscione (Frankfurt am Main): Italian Onomastics in the Middle Ages: An History of Identity

SESSION B: Nihon Room

Philomen Probert (Oxford): Ancient Greek Thought on Accents: Its Impact on the Latin Grammatical Tradition

Toon van Hal (Leuven): The Circulation or Non-Circulation of Missionary Grammars and Dictionaries in the Early Modern Respublica Literarum

Rayavarapu Vennela (Hyderabad): Grammatical Aspects of Anglo-Telugu Grammars: A Study of Colonial Bilingual Grammars in 19th Century India


3.45pm-4.15pm: Tea break



George Kuparadze/Tsiuri Akhvlediani (Tbilisi): Phraseological Units with an Onomastic Element

Andy Peetermans (Leuven): Glottonymy as a Might-Be Subfield of Onomastics   

5.15pm: Annual General Meeting of the Henry Sweet Society 

7.30pm Conference Dinner in Hall

15 September 2016 (Old Library) 


Sanda Rapa (Riga): Curriculum Vitae of Place Names

Laimute Balode/Ojārs Bušs (Riga): The Lesser-Known Latvian Onomastician Juris Plāķis (1869–1942) and his Collection of Latvian Place Names

Tiina Laansalu (Tallinn): The Change in Use of Place Names in User-Specific and Situation-Specific Perspective 

Marit Alas (Tallinn): Several Facets of Transferred Names  

11am-11.30am: Coffee break 

11.30am- 12.30pm

Milan Harvalík (Praha): Ivan Lutterer and his Role in the Development of Czech Onomastics

Luzius Thöny (Bern): Conrad Gessner and the Beginnings of Onomastics in 16th Century Switzerland

12.30pm-2pm: Lunch 


Gordon Whittaker (Göttingen): Aztec Hieroglyphics: A Name-based system

Margaret Thomas (Boston): Onomastics in American Linguistic Field Work: Names, Titles, Labels

Micaela Verlato (Berlin): Early Studies of “Indian Names” in the American Northeast 

3.30pm-4pm: Tea break 


Alina Villalva/Esperança Cardeira (Lisboa): Portuguese Demonyms: Sources and Usage

John Mills (Canterbury): Cornish Toponymy from the 17th Century to the Present Day 

5pm: Concluding remarks  

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