Saturday, August 6, 2016

American Name Society Summer Newsletter

The American Name Society is pleased to share the ANS 2016 Summer Newsletter.
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In this issue  

From the President  

President’s Update                                 1 
New ANS Officers Sought                      2
Updates on the American Name Society  2017 Conferences  

Paul Voosen to Speak at the 2017 ANS Annual Conference in Austin, TX            3 
Over Fifty Proposals for 2017 ANS  Annual Conference                                 3 
An Encounter with Texas Names           4 
ANS Panel in Philadelphia: Names and Multilingualism.                                       4 
Onomastics beyond Academia               5 

ANS Online  

ANS website: first half of 2017                5 

ANS News

A Gift for Researchers                            6 
NewBibDance                                         6 

Stories from our Members

The ANS at the AP                                 6 

ANS Executive Council Officers and Auxillaries

Midyear Officer Reports                             7 
ANS Executive Council for 2016           12 

Editor’s Message                                    13   

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