Thursday, June 1, 2017

NameSummit 2017: A Digital Branding Conference


NameSummit 2017 is bringing the best of the entrepreneurial and digital branding worlds to share their expertise in establishing a digital presence that excites, inspires, and generates ROI.  Building a digital brand — from domain name selection and market analysis, to creating a comprehensive web presence — requires stamina, strategy, and constant attention to trends.  NameSummit 2017’s digital branding and domain industry leaders are here to show beginners and pros how to bring their businesses to market, capture customer engagement, and keep them connected.

Welcome to NameSummit NYC

NameSummit 2017 is coming to New York City this August.  The event brings together the best in the Domain and Branding industries.  Learn from and network with top experts, fellow entrepreneurs, and digital branding superstars.  We’re covering it all–developing and maintaining a brand online, mastering up-to-the-minute SEO algorithms, as well as key insights and trends into what really works and what doesn’t, across multiple online industries and competitive spaces.

Topics include:
  • Securing the right domain name for your brand or campaign
  • Developing and executing on strategy
  • Establishing your brand online
  • Understanding Universal Acceptance and using new TLDs to reach consumers
  • Creating and optimizing users’ digital experiences
  • Maintaining consistency across multiple platforms
  • Engaging users based on behavior patterns and how to use the Big Data that’s already out there and available for you to capitalize on Managing privacy, security and data to make you more profitable And so much more
NameSummit 2017 will also feature sponsored networking events for entrepreneurs, marketing directors, investors, branding specialists, and everyone in between, who want to create the best digital brands out there.
Attendees of the two-day event at Hilton Midtown Manhattan in New York City, will be challenged to reinvent their digital businesses to succeed in ways they didn’t know how to execute.  NameSummit 2017 is here to show you how to make it all work for you.