Sunday, April 4, 2021

Names Finally Has a New Home!

 ANS by I.M. Nick 

The switch has finally happened. The scholarly journal of the American Name Society has now moved to its new publication home, the University of Pittsburgh.

Along with this switch, Names also has a completely new website with many innovative, user-friendly features for the global name-lover community. Now, visitors can gain easy and immediate access to all of the articles, reviews, notices, and reports that have ever been published in Names. In addition, thanks to the new automated system, potential authors can efficiently upload their manuscript submissions. Under “SUBMISSIONS” authors can also find the journal’s manuscript guidelines, publication policy, and Names Style Sheet. 

The benefits of this system have already begun to pay off as the rates of manuscript submission have increased substantially. For that reason, I would like to invite all interested onomastic scholars to apply to join the Editorial Board. Persons selected for this team must have excellent English writing skills, along with a solid publication record in onomastics. In particular, we are seeking reviewers who have experience with corpus linguistics, statistical analysis, toponymy, and literary onomastics. Scholars who are fluent in a nonEnglish language are also strongly encouraged to apply. In particular, we are seeking English-speaking reviewers who have native to near-native competency in written Arabic, Korean, and Chinese (either Mandarin or Cantonese). If you are interested in applying, simply fill in the application form found here: ( 

Be sure to check out the latest issue of Names, volume 69, issue 1, on the new website! All articles in this and past journals are available for free, as downloadable PDFs.

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