Thursday, October 16, 2014

A couple from Perm (Russia) named their son Lucifer

In Perm, the couple of Konstantin and Natalya Menshikov named their child Lucifer, reported Head of the Kirov's registrar Tatiana Tuzhilin.

Read in Russian:

Tuzhilin: "The boy was born on September 11, his parents decided to call him Lucifer, the correspondent birth certificate has been given out by us on September 25. We held a discussion with them in order to stress that it may be uncomfortable for the boy with such a strange name in modern society, but the parents insisted on name of Lucifer. However, we have no legal basis to prohibit the registration of the child".

According to her, this is the most unusual name which had ever been given to the children in Perm.


In accordance with Russian legislation, a child can change the name only with the consent of both parents before reaching the age of 18 years.

The boy's parents are Satanists. The mother Natalya Menshikov explained as follows: "We are Satanists. During pregnancy, I kept the unhealthy way of life, so the birth was very heavy. I warned to name my son Lucifer, if he would survive as he was born with severe asphyxia".

She also adds that right now only relatives are scared of name Lucifer, but for us this name is a symbol of freedom of thought, pride and intelligence; in society there is a stereotype that Satanists are vandals, they listen to heavy metal music and drink, but it is not like that.

She agrees that if the son doesn't like his name, he will have the right to change it in 14 years.
The Christian Youth Outreach Unit in Perm reported that the church will admit Lucifer if the parents want it, but the boy can be christened solely under the name of a saint, and not that of the devil.