Tuesday, April 18, 2017

In Tajikistan published a catalogue of recommended national names

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In Tajikistan published a catalogue of more than 3 thousand national names, in which the authorities propose to name the babies. About it reports the Russian service of the BBC. 

The purpose of published catalog to preserve national traditions and cultural values of Tajiks. It collected more than 3 thousand names, circulation is 10 thousand copies. According to the authorities, this registry will make it easier for parents searching for appropriate national values of the names. In the list, on which during the year worked by the governmental Committee on language and terminology includes the names of prophets, saints, and scholars of the classics. According to representatives of the Committee, over time, the registry can be changed and supplemented.
In addition, ethnic Tajiks with Russian end of the names (-ov, -ova, -HIV), it is recommended to think about replacing them in Tajik, which according to the authorities, is proof of patriotism and love of country. However, officially, the law forbids them to wear.
The law does not prohibit the Tajiks wear the usual Russian endings in the names, but, as explained in the office of registration of acts of civil status, it may be a cause for accusations of lack of national pride and patriotism.
We will note, last year in Tajikistan has enacted a law strongly recommends that the citizens of the country (ethnic Tajiks) to adhere to national traditions and culture when choosing names for their children.
Over the past few years, the Tajik leader Emomali Rahmon held several high-profile legislative initiatives caused ambiguous reaction in Tajik society. The programme for the reduction of poverty in the country has canceled the holiday “Farewell to ABC book”, “Last call”, prom, and encouraged citizens to adhere to a certain number of guests at a gala, wedding, religious and ritual events.