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The published list of approved Tajikistan’s names

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Published in Tajikistan “the national Registry of names”, which allowed to call the children, according to the Ministry of culture of the Republic.

“In the collection of more than 3000 samples of the Tadjik names. The book also provides a form of their writing in Russian and English languages. The register of the national Tajik names are published with the aim of reviving cultural and historical values,” – noted in the Ministry.
The Ministry clarified that the publication of the register was recommended for publication by the decision of the government of Tajikistan dated July 27, 2016.
Amendments to the law “On state registration of civil status acts”, regulating the order of recording of the surname, name and patronymic, was introduced in March 2016 .
According to the amendments, the assignment of names and their correct spelling in Tajikistan is carried out “according to the culture, national traditions and the Tajik national Registry of names,” approved by the government of the Republic.
In the amended act States that the name, according to the Tajik national traditions, can be formed from the name of the father or from the root of his surname forming the names with the suffixes-and-zod-zod, -it, -EN, -Ian, -er, -tion, -the headlights. The surname may also be formed from the name of the father or from the root of the surname of the father or mother without adding a suffix forming names.
“It is prohibited to assign the child a name that is alien to the Tajik national culture, names of things, products, animals and birds, as well as offensive names and expressions humiliating honor and dignity of the person, and separating people into castes. Adding to the names of the persons aliases “of moulleau”, “Khalifa”, “round”, “Hodge”, “huge”, “Shaykh”, “get”, “okhun”, “Amir”, “Sufi” and the like, which promote divisiveness among the people, is prohibited”, – stated in the law.
According to the amendments, the middle name of Tajiks is formed with the addition of forming suffixes-zod-zod, -er, -tion, -lights or without the addition of these suffixes.
It is noted that the right of national minorities to the name of Tajikistan shall be guaranteed in accordance with their national traditions.
“The representatives of national minorities who are citizens of the Republic of Tajikistan, at his will can make the assignment of names to their children according to the Register of the Tajik national names or your national traditions. The order of writing of the surname, name and patronymic of citizens-representatives of national minorities is carried out in accordance with the rules of orthography of the relevant language”, – stated in the law.

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