Saturday, July 8, 2017

13th International Conference on Jewish Names

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The 13th International Conference on Jewish Names will be held at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem on 7 August 2017. Please see the programme below. 

The Thirteenth International Conference on Jewish Names 

Steering committee: Prof. Aaron Demsky

Dr Stephanie Ginensky, Prof. Yigal Levin and Dr. Tsvi Sadan

Monday August 7, 2017

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Mt Scopus Campus, Jerusalem, Israel

1. Names in the Bible and in Rabbinic Literature
09:00-11:00 Chair: TBA
Elitzur, Yoel
Sharuhen-Shilhim-šrn (Hebrew)
Shai, Itzhaq
The Meaning of the Name of Amon son of Manasseh (Hebrew)
Fox, Harry
The Authenticity of Infrequently Mentioned Names in Rabbinic Literature
Keim, Katharina
From Rabbi Akiva to Rabbi Ze’era: Rabbinic names in Pirqei deRabbi Eliezer

2. Names in Jewish Communities 1

11:30-13:30 Chair: TBA
Schneidenbach, Esther
The Names of the Jews in Ancient Rome
Braverman, Nardo Bonomi
Nomen Omen. Onomastics as a Source for Understanding the Formation of the Modern Italian Jewish Population and Internal Migrations
Muñoz Solla, Ricardo  
The Others Renamed: Identity and Anthroponomy in Judeo-Converso Contexts in 15th century
Damjanovic, Milos M.
Onomastics of Kosovo-Metohijan Jews

3. Names in Different Jewish Communities 2
11:30-13:30  Chair: Ber Kotlerman

Rosen, Jacob
A Chronological Survey of Baghdad Jewish Surnames (Hebrew)
Ovadia, Moshe
Moroccan Jewish Names: An Historical-onomastic-halakhic Source in Light of R. Yitzhak Hazan's Halakhic Oeuvre (Hebrew)
Kroizer, Refael
The Genre of Name Lists for Divorce Records: Its Creation and Meaning (Hebrew)

Lunch break

4. Jewish Names in Poland and Germany
15:00-17:00 Chair: TBA

Zurek, Aleksandra
The Surnames of Converts from Judaism to Christianity in Warsaw 1826 - 1850
Wrzosinski, Witold
Hebrew Family Names on Epitaphs of the Warsaw Jewish Cemetery
Czakai, Johannes
Jewish Reactions to the Adoption of Permanent Surnames in German Lands 1787-1849
Sliz-Marciniec, Malgorzata
Changing Names of Jewish Students at the Jagellonian University in Krakow in the 2nd Half of the 19th century

5. Modern Personal, Family and Street Names
15:00-17:00 Chair: Tsvi Sadan

Cohen, Adar
Transforming “Grin” to “Ben Gurion” and other Zionist leaders Hebraized surnames: A Socio-Political Perspective of a Socio-Linguistic Phenomenon (Hebrew)
Landman, Shlomit
"I am the only nun  in Israel" – Naming Newborns in Several Jewish Communities in Israel as an Expression of Basic Values (Hebrew)

Dahamshe, Amer
Street Names in Maalot-Tarshiha (Hebrew)
Roginsky, Dina
Heritage Learners: First Names of Jewish-American Students in Hebrew Classes

6. Names in Hebrew Literature
17:30-19:30 Chair: Aaron Demsky
Be’er, Haim
How do I choose the Names of my Characters? (Hebrew)
Bar Asher, Moshe
A Community in the Light of its Names and Nicknames (Hebrew)
Heller, Erga

Re-naming as an Adaptation Norm in Hebrew Children’s Literature (Hebrew)