Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Most common street names by country in Europe

Out of linguistic curiosity, Jakub Marian started looking up the most common street names in various countries. The following map shows those he has found so far.
However, Jakub Marian was unable to find data for most European countries. If you have a source for any of the countries that are not yet included in the map, he would be grateful if you let him know. When he finds data for more countries, he will also translate the names into English.
Being a mathematician, Jakub also tried to gather the data algorithmically using OpenStreetMaps Overpass API, but it doesn’t seem to be easily doable, because there are no entries for streets, just paths with names, and one street may consist of many different paths in the database. The actual sources used in the map are here.
(click to zoom in)
The underlying blank map is due to Tindo and licensed from If you want to share the map, please share a link to this webpage instead of sharing just isolated pictures.