Saturday, June 15, 2013

Evolution of Personal Proper Names in the Czech Republic in the years 1000-2010

Vývoj vlastních jmen osobních 
v českých zemích v letech 1000–2010

Monograph presents the development of basic prototypes of anthroponyms (first name, surname, patronyms, nicknames and hypocoristics) in the Czech Republic between 1000 and 2010. The author is giving priority to personal names of the Czech population and monitor their development on the Czech territory inhabited by the ethnic majority, while respecting the fact that the German-speaking minority and a relatively large Jewish communitythe were inhabitants of the Czech country as well. Anthroponyms represent a specific language material, whose main sources are published and unpublished administrative texts. This monograph is solely based on the names of really existed persons.

by Jana Pleskalova

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