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Se nommer pour exister

Se nommer pour exister

L'exemple du pseudonyme sur Internet

Marcienne Martin

Préface d'Alain Coïaniz

Nomino ergo sum


Dans l'Odyssée, Ulysse choisit l'anthroponyme "Personne" afin d'échapper au Cyclope. En avance sur son temps, Ulysse aurait navigué sur la toile sous le pseudonyme "Personne". Se nommer est aussi un acte qui permet au sujet social de s'inscrire dans la société civile et d'être ainsi reconnu par l'autre. Qu'en est-il de la nomination en général ? Et du pseudonyme sur Internet en particulier ?

ISBN : 978-2-296-96950-6 • avril 2012 • 220 pages

Publication of the 14th issue of "Problems of Onomastics" and call for papers

Dear colleagues!

The editorial board of the journal Voprosy Onomastiki (Problems of Onomastics) is pleased to inform you of the publication of a new issue 1 (14) 2013. From now on the content of the issue and some publications free of charge are available on the site of the journal:№1-14

The editorial board also invites you to contribute articles for next issues. The current deadline for submitting articles to issue 1 (16) 2014 is December 1, 2013. Article submissions for next issues are accepted on a continuous basis.

Voprosy Onomastiki (Problems of Onomastics) is a peer-reviewed academic journal which provides complete and balanced coverage of the latest research in the study of proper names in theoretical, historical and regional aspects. Starting with issue 2 (15) 2013 the journal will publish papers both in the Russian and English languages. The journal also accepts articles in the French, German, Polish, Czech, Bulgarian, and Serbian languages, in this case the translation into Russian and the technical editing of the paper will be provided by the journal.

More information about the journal is available on the site:

Sincerely yours,

Lyubov Feoktistova, managing editor

Problems of Onomastics (Voprosy onomastiki) editorial office
Ural Federal University, Department of Philology
51, Lenin av., Ekaterinburg, Russia, 620000
Tel.: +7 (343) 350-75-97

В Великом Новгороде появятся улицы с новыми названиями

53 новости - В Великом Новгороде появятся улицы с новыми названиями

Склонение фамилий

ГРАМОТА.РУ – справочно-информационный интернет-портал «Русский язык» | Класс | Азбучные истины | 8. Склонение фамилий

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В Тюмени не было царя – нет и Царской пристани

В Тюмени не было царя – нет и Царской пристани - Подробности - Новости -

В Томске начались переименования автобусных остановок

В Томске начались переименования автобусных остановок / Вести-Томск - новости Томска и Томской области

14 Swedish Words That Conflict With the Ikea Products They Name

14 Swedish Words That Conflict With the Ikea Products They Name | Mental Floss

Have you met my new chair? His name’s Martin


IKEA Naming Conventions

IKEA Naming Conventions | Mental Floss

Nabuls names street after Al-Babtain

KUNA : Nabuls names street after Al-Babtain - Society - 28/08/2013

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Big cities of Kazakhstan should be renamed

Крупные казахстанские города предложили переименовать. Новости Казахстана.

Щучинск предлагают переименовать в Абылайхан

Щучинск предлагают переименовать в Абылайхан. Новости Казахстана.

Most popular Russian forenames in 2012

Самые популярные имена 2012 года - Статьи - Новорожденные - Дети@Mail.Ru

Самые популярные имена детей в 2013 году

Радио ЭХО Москвы :: Самые популярные имена детей в 2013 году / Комментарии

Mir, Cosmos and Legend were born in Moscow during this year)))

"Что в имени твоем": в Москве родились Мир, Космос и Легенда
Самыми популярными именами, которые москвичи давали в этом году своим детям, стали Артем и Софья. Среди экзотических имен появились Космос, Мир и Легенда. Об этом в среду сообщила журналистам исполняющая обязанности начальника управления ЗАГС Москвы Ирина Муравьева.По ее словам, в 2013г. в тройку самых популярных имен среди мальчиков вошли Артем, Александр и Максим. При этом имя Артем в этот году вытеснило с первого места имя... Читать далее >

Release of the XIII International Conference on "Onomastics of Volga Region"

Naming Hurricanes After Politicians Who Deny Climate Change

Не каждому будет приятно знать, что разрушительный тайфун назван его именем

Climate Name Change
by Laura Beans / EcoWatch
A new campaign was kicked off yesterday, aimed at increasing awareness of climate change and its link to extreme weather. 350 Action released a video petitioning the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) to change the way they name severe storms.
The WMO’s current naming system randomly selects common first names to assign to storms, such as Hurricanes Sandy and Katrina. The campaign calls on the WMO to instead name the storms after actual policy makers who deny climate change, like Sen. Rubio (R-FL) and House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH).
According to 350 Action, the campaign—created in conjunction with advertising agency Barton F. Graf 9000—also features extensive facts about climate change, voting records of climate change obstructionists and more ways to get involved and spread the news. At the heart of the campaign and the site, is an actual petition to the WMO that visitors are encouraged to sign. When enough signatures are gathered, the petition will be presented to the WMO in hopes that the new naming system could become a reality.
“It’s a new day but some songs remain the same. Congress used to have tobacco addiction deniers, now it has far too many climate deniers,” said Jason Kowlaski, 350 Action policy director.

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Новостройки Новосибирска: как выбрать дом по названию

"Toponymic" war has been declared on Saakashvili

Anniversary of "Rose Revolution" Georgian capital will meet without names of streets and squares associating with the president and his party 

Parliament Tbilisi (Sakrebulo) in late August will rename streets and squares, the names of which are associated with the period of government of the party Mikhail Saakashvili "United National Movement" (UNM) in the years 2004-2012 . This will be the first solution of the legislature to "reform" the Georgian capital, where the opponents of Saakashvili, namely "Georgian Dream", have now the majority.  - in Russian

Саакашвили объявили «топонимическую войну»

Саакашвили объявили «топонимическую войну» - Известия

Map of the most common surnames in Europe

Map of the most common surnames in Europe - Imgur

Townsmen name streets and bus stops themselves

In Tomsk, the villagers of Rodnik, which is being projected near the another village ("Geolog"), gave the names to several streets and to 61 bus stops.

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Zielnowo na Lepperowo? "Podłe żarty"

Quite recently appeared in the media the information about the people of unknown Zielnowo. Mayor of the village numbering 70 people decided to honor the memory of the most famous of them, namely Andrew Lepperze, and officially renamed the small Zielnowo to Lepperowo. The initiative did not meet the approval of the population. The details of this initiative, you can read more HERE  in English:

or in Polish:,42/zielnowo-na-lepperowo-podle-zarty,347010.html,zielnowo-na-lepperowo-wojt-chce-zmiany-nazwy-rodzinnej-wsi-andrzeja-leppera

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Names for Pirates and Mermaids

Nameisms ~ Baby Name Blog: Names for Pirates and Mermaids: Whoever said pirates and mermaids go together?  Pirates are real-life marauders. Mermaids? Fictional fish-women who often wear only seash...

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Maria Sharapova not changing her name

Maria Sharapova not changing her name | Other Sports | Sports | Toronto Sun

Мария Шарапова отказалась менять фамилию

Мария Шарапова отказалась менять фамилию | NewsMCS — Новости Музыки, Кино и Шоу-Бизнеса

Onomastic Analyst at Ethnic Technologies

Job Announcement by Ethnic Technologies

Applied Linguistics; Onomastics: Researcher, Ethnic Technologies, New Jersey, USA

Employer: Ethnic Technologies

Research and Product Development

Job Location: New Jersey, USA

Rank or Title: Researcher

Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics, Onomastics

Date Posted: 19-Aug-2013

Job Description: Role: Research and Product Development Associate/ Onomastic Analyst

The Opportunity:

Ethnic Technologies is currently seeking to recruit a Research and Product Development Associate with a background/interest in Applied Onomastics to join the Research Department.

As a member of the Research Department, the Research and Product Development Associate is responsible for classifying names by ethnicity, seeing patterns within lists of names, analyzing large textual data sets, and thinking creatively to define rules that will further classify these patterns. Through this work, the Research and Product Development Associate is continuing to build and improve a predictive software system, the industry-leading product in multicultural marketing.

The ideal candidate has a background in Linguistics, particularly in Onomastics, and experience with text pattern recognition and morpheme recognition. The ideal candidate is interested in Geography, Ancestry, History, Sociology, Demography, Culture, People, and puzzling out answers.

Bachelor Degree or Equivalent Required.

Skills and Competencies:
- Excellent Microsoft Office skills, especially Microsoft Excel
- Strong English written and verbal communication
- Self-driven and self-motivated. Works independently within set objectives.
- Experience with SQL or any programming language
- Fluency or competency in at least one second language
- Experience with Data Visualization and Descriptive Statistics
- Knowledge of American FactFinder
- Experience with marketing, particularly multicultural marketing
- Ability to work as part of a team

Ethnic Technologies offers a competitive base salary with health benefits and a 401k program.

About the Company:
We are a growing and successful direct marketing database software company located in South Hackensack, NJ.

We are the leading provider of multicultural marketing data, ethnic identification software, and ethnic data appending services. To this end, our experts are constantly learning about the interaction of people through studying their names, culture, and geography.

To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to Lisa Radding the application email address below.

She is Director of Research at Ethnic Technologies (

Please only apply if you are interested in a full time position, located in South Hackensack, NJ. No telecommuting.

Application Deadline: Open until filled
Application Email:          to be found on the LINGUIST LIST website.
Contact Information: Lisa  Radding

Phone: 866-333-8324 ext.111

'Call me Sugarpova': Maria Sharapova's not-so-sweet US Open wheeze

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Alliterative Names

Baby Name Pondering: Alliterative Names: Ever noticed that all four of HBO's ' Girls ' characters - Jessa Johansson, Marnie Michaels, Hannah Horvath and Shoshanna Shap...

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Etymologie von Markennamen – Glaube und Realität

Etymologie von Markennamen – Glaube und Realität

Alles Gute zum neuen Jahr aus der Namensagentur!

Alles Gute zum neuen Jahr aus der Namensagentur!

Beweis gefunden: Namen wirken und machen den Unterschied I

Beweis gefunden: Namen wirken und machen den Unterschied I

Selbstversuch Obstnamen: Was Namen bewirken können

Selbstversuch Obstnamen: Was Namen bewirken können

Rubrik Unglaublich: Der ultimative Bäckereiname – come bäck erei

Rubrik Unglaublich: Der ultimative Bäckereiname – come bäck erei

Vialino – Tialini – Vapiano: zu ähnliche Namen?

Vialino – Tialini – Vapiano: zu ähnliche Namen?

Lindt Hello – my name is

Lindt Hello – my name is

Der Fleischkongress – eigentlich ein ehrlicher Name

Der Fleischkongress – eigentlich ein ehrlicher Name

Neuer Name – alter Duft: Brise wird Glade

Neuer Name – alter Duft: Brise wird Glade

Audi g-tron: Namenstest bestanden

Audi g-tron: Namenstest bestanden

Neu, anders, schöner: Namen für Lebensversicherungen und ihre Varianten

Neu, anders, schöner: Namen für Lebensversicherungen und ihre Varianten

Namedrop – Blog der Namensentwicklung Werner Brandl – Namen und Naming

Namedrop – Blog der Namensentwicklung Werner Brandl – Namen und Naming

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La Jornada d'Onomàstica de l'AVL se celebrarà el 2...

Maestrat Viu: La Jornada d'Onomàstica de l'AVL se celebrarà el 2...: La Jornada d'Onomàstica tindrà lloc els dies 4 i 5 d'abril de 2014 i tindrà el suport de l'Ajuntament de Vinaròs i del Centre ...

Rural and Urban Onomasticon

Within the limits of the VIIth International Research and Practice Conference "Problems of living Russian Word Studies at the turn of Millennium", which will be held on 25-26 October 2013 at the Pedagogical University of Voronezh, the following sections will be organized:

Section 1. History, current state and prospects of development of the Russian language.
Section 2. The study of the dialects of the Russian language. Lexical Atlas of Russian folk dialects.
Section 3. Russian colloquial language and speech.
Section 4. Language of fiction.
Section 5. Social environment and language.
Section 6. Slavic languages​​. The comparative aspect.
Section 7. Problems of the linguistic folcloristics.
Section 8. Rural and urban onomasticon.
Section 9. The living Russian word at school and university: methodological aspect. Language-based area studies.

The Eleventh International Conference on Jewish Names

The conference organisers - Bar-Ilan University,

The Faculty of Jewish Studies,

The Israel and Golda Koschitzky Department of Jewish History

and The Project for the Study of Jewish Names - invite to the Eleventh International Conference on Jewish Names:

Taking place on Monday, July 29, 2013, at the Mount Scopus campus of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel;

In conjunction with the Sixteenth World Congress of Jewish Studies.

The Conference Program:

Session 1:  Names in the Bible
Chair:  Dr. Yigal Levin

Session 2:  Names Through the Ages
Chair:  Prof. Aaron Demsky

Session 3:  Names in Jewish Communities
Chair:  Prof. Gershon Bacon

Session 4:  Linguisitics and Society
Chair:  Dr. Tsvi Sadan (Tsugaya Sasaki)

For further information and abstracts please contact Prof. Aaron Demsky.

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V International Crimean Michael's Scientific Reading "Problems of literary onomastics"

The Vth International Crimean Michael's scientific reading "Problems of literary onomastics" 

will be hold within 

the XIIth International Scientific Symposium "The Russian vector in world literature: the Crimean context"

12-16 September 2013 in Yevpatoria - Saky


Taurida National  V.I. Vernadsky University
95007, Simferopol, Vernadsky Ave., 4, 

Crimean Center of Humanitarian Studies,

Crimean society of Russian culture,

Ministry of Culture of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea

Pushkin Museum in Gurzuf

The contact person: 

Kurjanov S. O.
Mob. 050 980 15 30
Ph. (0652) 633 027
Ph./fax (0652) 633 028 

Applications for participation in the Readings should be sent before August 25, 2013, upon the request you'll receive an official invitation.

Eupatoria is a great place!!! mmmm....

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100 twitter followers of eOnomast !!!

Today I celebrate reaching one hundred followers on my onomastic Twitter!!! 

Thank you!!! 

Let's twitt onomastically together))))

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Associate Director in Naming
Location : New York, NY
Job Level : Director
Department : Verbal Identity

Interbrand started in 1974 when the world still thought of brands as just another word for logo. Over its 30+ years, Interbrand has changed the dialogue, defined the meaning of brand management, and continues to lead the debate on understanding brands as valuable business assets.
Today, Interbrand is amongst the largest brand consultancies and has grown to include 36 offices in 25 countries. A diverse range of insightful thinkers brings together the combination of rigorous strategy and analytics with world-class design creativity to help its clients create and manage brand value in all market dynamics.
It is widely respected for its annual study, The Best Global Brands, creating a broader platform for the discussion on brands in the Webby-award winning, and numerous industry honors for its client work.

About the Job:
In this role you will combine your lifelong passion for language with your proven client relationship management skills to manage naming assignments for one of Interbrand’s most premier clients. The right candidate will understand naming and branding and take into account how words will support a brand when marketed to the public.  
You will partner with Verbal Identity Directors to lead teams of writers, linguists and communications specialists as they ensure that Interbrand’s clients make the very best use of their words with naming, corporate messaging, tone of voice, and brand communications. In this role you will work with a team to create strategies and concepts that help our clients to solve problems and capture opportunities. Bring conceptual thinking to life in a compelling way through naming and writing and navigate the complex trademark, linguistic, URL landscape along the way.
Candidates must have a consummate understanding of brand, are both strategic and creative, thrive under tight deadlines, have the ability to participate in new business pitches and are experienced in presenting to clients at the senior executive level.

Job responsibilities:
  • Provide clients with strategic insights as related to naming, verbal identity, and branding in general 
  • Act as lead VI team member on client engagements
  • Able to assist in managing the verbal identity team 
  • Consulting with client and internal teams, such as Strategy, Program Management and Client Service
  • Developing articles and other IP
  • Apply naming and writing skills to consumer product and corporate branding assignments 
  • Be a client contact and prepare client presentations in PowerPoint
  • Lead name creation and brainstorming activities
  • Writing scopes and proposals
  • Developing new products and deliverables
  • Training and mentoring staff, etc.

  • Minimum 6-9 years in branding or marketing field; verbal identity or communications experience preferred
  • B.A. degree, backgrounds of interest include any verbal-focused or writing intensive field (e.g. Linguistics, Creative Writing, Foreign Language, Philosophy, etc) 
  • Excellent writing skills and ability to harness the power of language
  • Passion for branding, with practical knowledge of the field
  • Outstanding presentation and communication skills 
  • Experience in developing writing, messaging and communications training
  • Proven client service skills
  • Experience managing a team a plus
  • Business development experience
  • Leadership and team player qualities
  • Knowledge of foreign language(s) a plus
  • *LI-KF1