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20 Most Romantic Street Names in the Country

Top 20 Most Romantic Street Names in the Country
Top 20 Most Romantic Street Names in the Country
You might not know it but the UK is a very romantic place. People jet off the Pairs and New York to absorb the famously loved up atmosphere, however there is no need. Romance has certainly played a part in naming some of the streets around Britain today and for those who live there- they have many loving stories of their own because there are constantly surrounded by good vibes.
Thanks to Mouseprice and Ford, we take a look at some of the best destinations to crank up the romance in your next road trip. 
Joanna Lovett, Ford consumer insight manager, said: “Date Street in London is the perfect place to get a relationship under way, while couples can step it up a gear at Lipscomb Close in Berkshire before fulfilling their destiny and arriving at Wedding Drive in Nottinghamshire.
22 Most Romantic UK Street Names:
1. Valentine Road, Leicester
2. Sweetloves Lane, Bolton
3. Cupids Chase, Southend-on-Sea, Essex
4. Hearts Delight Road, Borden, Kent
5. Chivalry Road, Wandsworth, London
6. Flowers Close, Dollis Hill, London
7. Date Street, Kennington, London
8. Hug Bridge, Macclesfield
9. Lipscomb Close, Berkshire
10. Kissing Gate, Hull
11. Love Street, Cheshire
12. Ring Road, Leeds
13. Diamond Close, Cambridge
14. Wedding Drive, Nottinghamshire
15. True Loves Lane, Ingatestone, Essex
16. Bride Street, Liverpool
17. Groom Walk, Surrey
18. Marriage Lane, Dorset
19. Partnership Court, County Durham
20. Bliss Gate, Kidderminster
21. Date Street, London
22. Rose Road, Coleshill

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