Thursday, July 30, 2015

More than 200,000 Visitors of e-Onomastics since November, 2012

Hello to all names-driven readers,

I would like to thank you all for your contribution to this e-Onomastics Blog. It is proving to be an exciting success as I have always anticipated it would be. The onomastic subject is dynamic and evolving to say the least.

The e-Onomastic Blog is an informational initiative dedicated to the promotion of one of the most impressive cross- and extra-linguistic branches.

We have published more than 1,200 posts, hundreds of pictures, video and documents (e.g. reports, articles), related to the science on proper names, so that people around the world who regularly view our blog - onomasticians, linguists, philologists, archivists, toponymists, academics, educators, and admirers of onomastic "art" - can have a better understanding of the nature of names and appreciation of various achievements of different names-oriented researchers.

e-Onomastics was also one of the first private blogs in web history, having produced posts exclusively about proper names. We dedicate this blog to all names-centered scholars and amateurs around the world who represent a legion of of the most transverse and interdisciplinary researchers. We are thankful for the tremendous support our onomastic blog has garnered from countless names' fans around the world.

We will not be deterred from our single-minded effort to continue to publish the information about the studies of this phenomenal multidimensional area.

Thank you for your continuing support.

onomastically yours

Dr. Evgeny Shokhenmayer

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