Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Nominees for the next ICOS Board of Directors (2017-2020)


The next Board of Directors will be elected by the General Assembly on 1 September 2017 during the 26th International Congress of Onomastic Sciences in Debrecen. The General Assembly will elect officers for the following positions: 1 President, 2 Vice‐Presidents, 1 Secretary, 1 Treasurer, 1 Assistant Secretary and Web Officer, 1 Postgraduate Representative (Non‐Executive) and 5 other Non‐Executive Members.

Nominations are now closed, and the following nominees have been proposed (follow the link below to read more about the nominees):
  • Paula Sjöblom (Finland) - President
  • Urzula Bijak (Poland) - Vice-President
  • Adrian Koopman (South Africa) - Vice-President
  • Alina Bugheșiu (Romania) - Secretary
  • Emilia Aldrin (Sweden) - Treasurer
  • Evgeny Shokhenmayer (Germany) - Assistant Secretary and Web Officer
  • Lasse Hämäläinen (Finland) - Postgraduate Representative (Non-Executive)
  • Alice Crook (Scotland) - Non-Executive Officer
  • Artur Gałkowski (Poland) - Non-Executive Officer
  • Nobuhle Hlongwa (South Africa) - Non-Executive Officer
  • Alexandra Petrulevich (Sweden) - Non-Executive Officer
  • Valéria Tóth (Hungary) - Non-Executive Officer

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