Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Creating a business Name

Job Description

I am looking for a business name that is catchy and easy to remember it can be a 3-4 letter acronym or one word, preferably two syllables ie. Google or Yahoo. My business is advertising cars online like and however, I am not looking for a name that has to do with cars, trucks, SUV, or anything automotive. I want it to be catchy/memorable to only my site, like google is to google. Just how google is only known for "google" the search engine, I want my sites name to be original to only my site. So, this means the name I am looking for will most likely have to be a made up name. I am looking to hire a few people to work on this. I will hire for 3 hours at $5/hr and after 3 hours have been completed I want every name that you came up with submitted to me, The only names I want submitted to me are names that are available in a ".com". Use a web domain like to check the availability of the name.

Job Overview

Type Hourly
Workload As needed - Less than 10 hrs/week
Duration Less than 1 month
Posted March 25 2013, 3:27 PM
Planned Start March 25 2013
Visibility Public
Category Sales & Marketing

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