Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Elections to the ICOS Board of Directors (2014-2017)

The next Board of Directors will be elected by the General Assembly during the 25th ICOS 
Congress in Glasgow (25‐29 August 2014). Members who wish to stand for election need to be supported by two other ICOS members and the candidacy must be submitted to the
secretary of ICOS by 30 June 2014 using the form that was sent together with this Newsletter. Please also note that the nominee and the nominators have to be paid‐up members as of 30 June 2014.

The main responsibilities of the Board members are as follows: 

The President is a member of the Executive Committee of ICOS and chairs meetings of the ICOS Board of Directors as well as the ICOS General Assembly. The President also liaises with the Editor‐in‐Chief of Onoma and with the organiser of the World Congress. Importantly, the President takes the lead in initiatives to advance the aims of ICOS, as set out in Article 3 of the Statutes.

There are two Vice‐Presidents. The Vice‐Presidents are members of the Executive Committee of ICOS, and one may stand in for the President as required.

The Treasurer is a member of the Executive Committee of ICOS and takes care of the financial affairs of ICOS. This includes registering money paid into one of the three Swedish bank accounts belonging to ICOS (mostly from members paying by bank transfer, credit card or cash), and money going out (paying bills for printing costs, bank costs, services etc.). The Treasurer also keeps an up‐to‐date list of members (asking people to pay, registering their payments, sending receipts), takes care of accounting and prepares annual financial reports to present to the ICOS Board as well as reports presented to the General Assembly.

The Secretary is a member of the Executive Committee of ICOS and performs an administrative role. In collaboration with the Treasurer, the Secretary keeps an up‐to‐date list of members and circulates information to members by e‐mail. The Secretary also compiles and distributes a Newsletter on average once a year (this is made trilingual with the help of other ICOS members if necessary) and works closely with the Assistant Secretary and Webmaster to keep the ICOS website and social media presence updated, while also dealing with the list of members’ interests. At meetings, the Secretary takes the minutes and
distributes these to the other Board members. From time to time, the Secretary may need to put official documents in writing and respond to information requests submitted via the website. The Secretary works closely with the President to organise and co‐ordinate Board meetings.

The Assistant Secretary and Webmaster is a member of the Executive Committee of ICOS and is responsible for maintaining the ICOS website and social media presence, while also assisting the Secretary when necessary.

There are six Non‐Executive Members of the ICOS Board, who participate in Board meetings and occasional e‐mail discussions in order to advance the aims of ICOS. Some may carry out specific projects or initiatives. The heads of the Terminology Group and Bibliographical Database Group need to be members of the Board, so Non‐Executive Members may consider taking on one of these roles. From 2014 onwards, one of the Non‐Executive positions is reserved for a Postgraduate Representative, who will provide a student’s perspective on the activities of ICOS. This does not preclude students from standing for any other position on the Board.

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