Thursday, August 27, 2015

Give a name to a new Russian spaceship

Rocket and Space Corporation "Energia" has announced a competition for the romantics

At the International Aviation and Space Salon ISS-2015 has been shown mock-up model of the promising transport system that should replace the famous "Soyuz".
- It will be manned transport system of the new generation, - said Chief Executive Vladimir Solntsev.- Its command module will be for the first time made of composite material and can withstand temperatures of over 200 degrees. The ship should be nice and impressive: I am sure that ugly ship will not fly. The new ship will be reusable. It is designed for 10 flights at least. In contrast to the "Soyuz", it is able to take on board from four to six astronauts. And in the autonomous flight mode, the ship can accommodate up to 30 days. But it has no name. Therefore, we are announcing an open competition for the best name for the new spaceship!
Dates of competition - from 30 August to 2 November 2015. The results will be announced on January 15, 2016.
The winner will be announced by jury after the public vote. The main prize will be a trip to Baikonur with the ability to attend a manned launch in the spring of 2016.
You can submit your proposals in Russian here: 

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