Saturday, July 2, 2016

publication of Vol. 13 (2016) of "Voprosy Onomastiki" (Problems of Onomastics)

Dear colleagues!

The editorial board of the journal Voprosy Onomastiki (Problems of Onomastics) is pleased to inform you of the publication of Vol. 13 (2016), Issue 1. The issue is available on the journal's website:


Zakharova, E. V., Makarova, A. A., Mullonen, I. I. (Russia)
In Search of Toponymic Borders in Belozerye [in Russian]

Breeze, A. (Spain)
Legionum Urbs and the British Martyrs Aaron and Julius [in English]

Repanšek, L. (Slovenia)
On the Origin of Trbiž, Ancient *Taruisia/-um [in Russian]

Gaidamashko, R. V., Chugayev, N. V. (Russia)
On the Origin of Russian Anthroponyms with the Stems Yamysh- and Yemash- [in Russian]

Feoktistova, L. A. (Russia)
Towards a Methodology for the Analysis of Associative-Derivational Meaning of a Personal Name [in Russian]

Suleymanova, L. R., Suleymanov, F. M., Lasynova, N. A. (Russia)
Anthroponyms of Arabic Origin with Religious Meaning in Bashkir ‘Shejere’ [in Russian]

Rutkowski, M. (Poland)
Humorous Names in the Light of Incongruity Theory [in English]

Romanova, T. P. (Russia)
Marketing Message Components in Commercial Naming [in Russian]

Shimkevich, N. V. (Russia)
On One Paradoxical Type of Proper Names (With Reference to the Names of Legal Entities of the Residential Community of Gorny Shchit, Ekaterinburg) [in Russian]

Brief communications:

Sakallı, E. (Turkey)
New Trends in Name-Giving in Turkey [in English]

Loport, E. P. (Russia)
Names of Boats Derived from Toponyms and Ethnonyms in the Russian Dialects of the Arkhangelsk Region [in Russian]

Beláková, M. (Slovak Republic)
Hydronymic Evidence of Migrations in Western Slovakia [in Russian]

The editorial board also invites you to contribute articles, book and conference reviews for upcoming issues. Submissions for next issues are accepted on a continuous basis.

Voprosy Onomastiki (Problems of Onomastics) is a peer-reviewed academic journal published jointly by Russian Language Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Ural Federal University. The journal publishes papers in the Russian, English, German and French languages. Starting from 2016, the journal is indexed in Scopus.

You can find more information about the journal at

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