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Conference "The family between demographic and social changes" in Bologna

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Triennial conference S.I.De.S. 

"The family between demographic and social changes" 

Bologna, 24-26 October 2018 

Call for papers 

S.I.De.S. (Italian Society of Historical Demography) invites scientific proposals to the triennial conference "The family between demographic and social changes". The conference aims to highlight new directions, topics and perspectives related to the role of the family within the processes and demographic mechanisms. Nowadays a new dynamic and longitudinal approach characterizes the analysis of the family groups in historical demography, complementing the analysis of structural family classifications prevailing in the past. Due to the diversity of the subject, proposals that address the issue in a multidisciplinary way are welcome. S.I.De.S. also solicits comparative proposals, both in the Italian and European context. Regarding the covered period of time, historical contributions will be favoured, but studies and analyses that address the issue from a diachronic perspective, linking the past and the present, are not excluded a priori. The conference is organized, even if not exclusively, in following thematic sessions.

Family and naming practices 
Michaël Gasperoni, Vincent Gourdon, Cyril Grange

This session aims to analyze family practices of naming both children and adults (monastication, conversion and change of religion, name change for personal reasons, etc.), in an extended geographical area (Europe) and in a long-term perspective (Middle Ages – Modern Times). The session will privilege contributions that are not limited to listing and classifying names, but rather help to understand family or individual logics related to the name choice, the systems of representations and the strategies adopted among kin or within a social group to attribute and use certain names. The name choice was certainly made according to the circumstances, but also in connection with the moment and the way it became formally transmitted. For the latter, contexts of proclamation and registration in the sources will be the object of special attention. Medium or longterm studies are especially (though not exclusively) welcome. Issues to be raised, in particular: - The mechanisms of name transmission within the family, their evolution, social and spatial divergences. - The impact of social configurations on name choice and assignment: position among siblings and kin (within the age ranking and total number of siblings, etc.), legitimate or illegitimate birth, homogenitoriality, role and impact of family events (dead kin, migration, etc.). - Political, religious and social context: wars, authoritarian political regimes, secularization of civil records, access to nationality, integration or segregation of religious minorities, etc. - The use of names within the family (usual and unusual names, use of the name in intra-family exchanges, etc.).

Family relations and social change
Elisabetta Cioni

Marriage and family life cicle
Marcantonio Caltabiano, Stanislao Mazzoni

Family, well-being and health in the process of demographic modernization
Josep Bernabeu-Mestre, Lucia Pozzi

Fragile families 
Matteo Manfredini, Francesco Scalone

Family, labour and economy in the Early Modern period (XVIth-XVIIIth centuries) 
Luca Mocarelli, Giulio Ongaro

Social "networks" and migratory "chains": family and mobility
Michele Nani

Proposals, eventually including the session, have to be sent to Stanislao Mazzoni ( or The deadline is on the 21st May 2018. A proposal should include: data/methods, sources and first results.

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