Sunday, September 16, 2018

Workshop "Geographical Names: Management and Practice"


The 5th International Symposium on Place Names "Recognition, regulation, revitalisation: place names and indigenous languages" will be directly preceded by the workshop (16-17 September 2019, same venue). The ISPN committee is dedicated to the development of toponomy as a field of research in southern Africa. In addition to the biannual symposia, we now offer a workshop in collaboration with international experts. The aim of the workshop is to train a new generation of toponomists and to provide current, non-specialist researchers as well as practitioners with the knowledge to improve the quality of their research. This workshop offers the unique opportunity to students and researchers alike to hone their skills in Maluti Mountains under the direction of the field’s foremost experts.

The workshop covers the following topics:

  • Geographical names and language 
  • Palaeotoponomy 
  • Social and practical applications 
  • Cartographic and technical applications 
  • Standardisation 
  • Research methodology 
  • Consultation with experts on participants’ own research 

For more information on the workshop, contact Mrs Jani de Lange at

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