Sunday, March 17, 2019

Onomastics on Twitter

One of the objectives of my blog e-Onomastics, is to argue that social media may enhance onomastic networking. It is actually obvious that the online discussions can lead to tangible, real-world social interactions. It is deemed necessary for onomasticians to engage with the public online, and during last years, researchers have seen increasing calls to maintain contacts with both the non-scientific public and scholars from other disciplines, especially by means of social media.

Let us go through the main media resources. And today we start with Twitter

I agree that before ever meeting in person, conversations on Twitter can serve as an icebreaker once two people finally meet in a conference or workshop setting. The scientists appear to favour more the use of Twitter. 

Because Twitter serves as an information filter for many scientists, publicizing onomastic articles on social media can alert researchers to interesting studies that they may not have otherwise come across. The online world can also broaden an onomastician's impact in the research world. Tweeting from conferences (discussing research developments, linking to journal articles or lab websites) can introduce other onomasticians to valuable content, and consequently provide networking opportunities for users who actively post during meetings. 

Here you will find the list of the most famous  onomastic twitter channels (with number of tweets by mid-2018) run by professional researchers or organisations, which study proper names.

Do you know other Twitter's channels where the names-related subjects are to be discussed? Thank you for letting me know!

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