Tuesday, January 14, 2020

The future of the Nordic socio-onomastic network


by Terhi Ainiala, Emilia Aldrin & Birgit Eggert
The NOS-HS workshop-project New Trends in Nordic Socio-onomastics has been completed with really good results, and is now continuing as a network for Nordic scientists working with socio-onomastics.
One of the project results is this website, that will be the center of the network from now on. The network members will regularly publish blog posts with news about research, events and publications with socio-onomastic content. The entries will be written in the Nordic languages ​​or English. The web-blog will be the most dynamic feature on the site, but new information about research ideas and network participants will be added when relevant.
The research project ideas identified through the workshop-project live on in smaller sub-networks. Each of these sub-networks will explore the best ways to bring each idea in to life as concrete research projects, and – possibly – also work with a variation of smaller outcome with different angles on the subjects. The project ideas will be developed over time depending on the concrete resources available.
At the same time, we will try to apply for funding for another NOS-HS workshop series to be able to concretize and sharpen those of the project topics that are best suited for large projects with collaboration between several researchers from different countries. The aim of this will be a concentrated preparation of specific research applications that are strong enough for international competition.
The upcoming Nordic Journal of Socio-Onomastics / Nordisk Tidskrift för socio-onomastik will soon be presented in more detail here on the blog. It will be a significant publishing channel for future socio-onomastic research both in the Nordic region and in a wider international context.
Our network will present its results and future ideas at the next international onomastic congress in Krákow in August 2020 (ICOS 2020). We encourage all interested in socio-onomastics to contact us there.
We look forward to be acquainted with the many new socio-onomastic initiatives that we hope and expect the future will bring.

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