Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Elixio Rivas (1925-2022)


It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of the Co-Founder of the Galician Association of Onomastics (AGOn, Asociación Galega de Onomástica, 1999) and of its Honorary President (since 2002) Paúl Elixio Rivas Quintas at the age of 97 who can be considered as one of the most important scholars of Galician toponymy in recent decades. He was recognized with the Otero Pedrayo Award (1980), the Castelao Medal (2000) and the Gold Medal of the Province of Ourense (2019). 

Born in Fondo de Vila (Xunqueira de Ambía), he had a degree in Philology and his thesis "Toponymy of Marín" (defended in 1982) is part of the beginning of modern Galician Placenames studies. Elixio Rivas has been Member of the Commission of Toponymy of Galicia since 1978 and corresponding member of the Royal Academy of History. He worked as a professor at the universities of Santiago and Vigo. He was part of the group responsible for the preparation of the current Nomenclátor de Galicia, a work in which Galician toponymy was updated and standardized after many centuries of distorted transmission. History will also remember him for his ethnographic and lexicographic contributions.




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