Wednesday, September 7, 2022

New Anglophone Editor in Chief of Onomastica Canadiana Journal

Our warmest congratulations 

to the new English-speaking Editor in Chief 

of Onomastica Canadiana Journal 

Rebekah Ingram
Carleton University, Ontario

Dr. Ingram earned PhD at Carleton University where she undertook an interdisciplinary study on Iroquoian Place Names. She is interested in semiotics and semantics across differing epistemologies and their use in knowledge exchange, and the semantics of place, landscape and environment. Much of this is explored in her current work, which seeks a holistic form of cultural and linguistic documentation and revitalization through cartography. Dr. Ingram is currently Associate Researcher at Carleton University's Geomatics and Cartography Research Centre. 

Her Twitter channel is: @geolinguistics 

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