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Geonaming solutions

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With the constant development of communities and regions, and the ever-changing nature of technology, it is becoming increasingly important to ensure robust geonaming (geographic naming) and addressing systems are in place. Strong systems ensure quality information for emergency response, social planning, service delivery and analysis purposes.

This company provides consultancy services to governments and private organisations who require development, implementation or improvement of their geospatial capabilities to ensure world-class outcomes are derived from high-grade addressing and geonaming data.

Working with our expert team at Geonaming Solutions offers assurance that your naming and addressing processes are accurate and concise through our:

- Strong grasp on existing policy, legislation, guidelines and standards
- Ability to facilitate community engagement and resolve existing issues
- Ability to re-engineer naming processes for ease of use by municipal councils, state and federal governments
- High-level knowledge of crowd-sourcing/VGI methods

Too often, development agencies and community groups fail to work within rigid geonaming and addressing policies administered by government, resulting in rejected or delayed planning applications or community program proposals. These delays impinge on the timely delivery of urban planning activities. By engaging Geonaming Solutions to manage your geonaming and addressing processes and approval regimes prior to the submission of proposals, you will benefit from:

- Increased positive community engagement and feedback
- Enhanced geonaming and addressing outcomes which are imbued with community spirit
- Improved geospatial data systems and information which underpin planning and analysis
- Reduced employee research and development time, resulting in reduced wage expenditure

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About The Director

As the Project Director of Geonaming Solutions Pty Ltd, Laura Kostanski focuses on developing robust geonaming, addressing and geospatial policies and systems for government and private clients at national and international levels. She is currently engaged as a consultant to CSIRO Australia for the AusAID funded UNSDI Gazetteer Framework for Social Protection in Indonesia project www.csiro.au/gazetteer and will be a member of the Australian Delegation to the United Nations Group of Experts on Geographic Names Conference in New York in August 2012.

An expert her field, Laura’s previous role at the Office of Geographic Names Victoria involved high-level project management, policy development, governance and stakeholder engagement in the spatial science domain. During this time, Laura developed invaluable skills and capabilities in developing and implementing innovative programs involving multiple stakeholders across a variety of fields, including extensive experience in multi-sector policy development and stakeholder negotiation.

Further to her substantive capabilities, Laura has been the Secretary of the Committee for Geographic Names Australasia; is an Adjunct Research Fellow at the University of Ballarat; was awarded a Churchill Fellowship in 2011; is a Director on the International Committee of Onomastic Sciences; was a member of the Australian Delegation to the United Nations Group of Experts on Geographic Names Conference in New York in August 2007; and, completed a PhD program funded by an Australian Research Council Postgraduate Award (Industry).

Laura’s extensive experience has led to the production of a number of publications, reports and conference keynote lectures – which can be accessed on her website http://laurakostanski.com/ or http://ballarat.academia.edu/LauraKostanski

This beauteous onomastician also is:

Director, International Council of Onomastic Sciences. September 2011 - Present
Adjunct Research Fellow, University of Ballarat, September 2010 – Present.
Secretary, Committee for Geographical Names of Australasia. 2009- Present.

www.ustream.tv/recorded/21305642 - Laura Kostanski's presentation of UNSDI Gazetteer Framework:Recorded on 3/23/12 recorded on USTREAM.

http://vimeo.com/22588269 - Laura Kostanski and Ian Clark (11 Apr, 2011) on Vimeo, Old names, new purposes: reflections on recent Indigenous naming policies and programs.

Here you can read an article about Dr. Kostanski: http://www.thecourier.com.au/story/560285/ballarat-woman-wins-fellowship-honour/

I think it's just great to work like that... Being an onomastician, me too, I would like to deal with naming process and be useful for international organisations and business. 

Is there any free position for me?))))))))

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