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Meeting of the Slavic Commission of Onomastics at the International Committee of Slavists

The 25th International Congress of Slavists ( will be held in Minsk (Belarus) on 20-27 August 2013.

Slavic languages on the map

in Russian:

But what is important for us, that is the following: At this International Congress of Slavists there will be a block under the topic "The Slavic onomastics in the context of cultural and linguistic change". Activities of the "Slavic Onomastic Commission (SOC) at the International Slavic Committee" also aim to prepare it.

in German:

The SOK got retrospectively something under way: As part of the 24th ICOS Congress in Barcelona a meeting of SOK was held on 9th September 2011. The direction has been held by Artur Gałkowski, University of Lodz. He was elected as Chairman of SOK for four years in 2010.

Inside the SOK two working groups have received a special attention:

  • The Working Group on Terminology 
  • The Working Group on Slavic onomastic Atlas (SOA)

They have made the decision that the work on the terminology both on the Slavic and international scale should be intensified (Chair: Milán Harvalík, Prague:

In the same way, it was decided to continue the work on SOA (Slavic Onomastic Atlas) and methods developed by Rudolf  Šrámek (

and Ernst Eichler (

Coordination is in the hands of Romana Łobodzińska, University of Wrocław (

Artur Gałkowski also informed that a report on the activities of the SOK has been published in the magazine "Rivista Italiana di Onomastica" (Rion) 2011, No. 1 (17), pp. 329-331.

It was added that the report on the activity of the Commission will be actualized

At the meeting of the SOK after the presentation of Milán Harvalík, the word has been pledged to Grazilda Blažienė (Lithuania), Barbara Czopek-Kopciuch (Poland), Liliana Dimitrova-Todorova (Bulgaria), Tamás Farkas (Hungary), Snezana Gudurič (Serbia), Pavol Odaloš (Slovakia), Natalija Vasil'eva (Russia), Elka Yacheva-Ulchar (Macedonia) and Christian Zschieschang (Germany).

To foster cooperation with the SOK a special group of liaisons from each country was formed. Their members are:

Liliana Dimitrova-Todorova (Bulgaria)
Grazilda Blažienė (Lithuania)
Milán Harvalík (Czech Republic)
Natalija Vasil’eva (Russia)
Pavol Odaloš (Slovakia)
Snežana Gudurič (Serbia)
Galina Mačuk (Ukraine)
Tamás Farkas (Hungary)
Christian Zschieschang (Germany, Lausitz)
Irena Kałużyńska (China)
Enzo Caffarelli (Italy)

This group should get more members from other regions later. Meanwhile, to the end of October 2012 there has been a further consultation of SOK in Lodz.

By January 15, 2013 you may apply for participation. 

Do not miss this opportunity!!!

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