Friday, January 18, 2013

Professor Gerrit Bloothooft

Today I have a honour to introduce Prof. Gerrit Bloothooft

He is a well-known Dutch onomatologist from the University of Utrecht 

He also is Coordinator ICT of the  Centre Faculty of Arts, the prominent linguist.

Prof. Bloothooft works at the Utrecht Institute of Linguistics OTS :

Institute of Foreign Languages ​​(Linguistics): 

ICT Centre Faculty of Arts
Utrecht University
Trans 10
3512 JK Utrecht
Tel.: 030 2536042
Fax: 030 2536000

Gerrit Bloothooft is researching on the historical onomastics, corpus-based name standardization, Dutch naming patterns from 1983 to present, naming and subcultures, and on the pronunciation of names.

Gerrit Bloothooft offers a wide variety of historical name databases, the Top50 toponyms, forenames (2006) and surnames (2007) from the Municipal Personal Records Database (GBA).

Here you will find a list of publications by Prof. Bloothooft:

Gerrit Bloothooft teaches a cursus of Modern Onomastics "Name and culture":

Professor Bloothooft on the Dutch radio website: 
and and 

I would like to enumerate some of his works on onomastics written in English:

Presentation (29/11/12) Detailed interactive mapping of migration in The Netherlands in the 20th century, eHumanities Lectures, Amsterdam. part II, Jan Pieter Kunst. Presetation on the Clarin MIGMAP project:

Bloothooft, G., Mandemakers, K., Brouwer, L. and Brouwer, M., 'Data Mining in the Dutch (Historical) Civil Registration (1811–Present)', in Darlu et al. (2012), Human Biology, 84(2), 177-184:

Bloothooft, G. (2011), 'Linguistics and geography, the surname case', in Zonneveld, W., Quené, H., and Heeren, W. (Eds.), 'Sound and Sounds, studies presented to M.E.H. (Bert) Schouten', Utrecht: UiL-OTS, pp 9-20:

Bloothooft, G. and Mandemakers, K. (2011), Exploring co-variates with names in the (historic) Dutch civil registration, to appear in the Proceedings of the XXIV-International Conference of Onomastic Sciences, Barcelona:

Bloothooft, G. and Schraagen, M. (2011), 'Name fashion dynamics and social class', to appear in the Proceedings of the XXIV-International Conference of Onomastic Sciences, Barcelona:

Bloothooft, G. and D. Onland (2011), 'Socioeconomic determinants of first names', Names 59, 1, 25-41:

Presentation 10/12/2010 Data mining in the (historic) Civil Registration of The Netherlands from 1811 - present, CNRS-INSHS Workhop "Family name between socio-cultural feature and genetic metaphor. From concepts to methods", Paris: 

 Presentation 23/9/10 Population Onomastic Databases, Virtual Knowledge Studio, IISG, Amsterdam:

Presentation 13/06/09 Proper names in The Netherlands from the Civil Registration: full population data, workshop Names in the Economy III, Meertens Instituut KNAW,  Amsterdam: 

Bloothooft, G. and L. Groot (2008), 'Name clustering on the basis of parental preferences', Names 56:3, 111-163:

Presentation 16/06/06 'Analysis of first names in The Netherlands, full population studies', CTL colloquim, Uil-OTS, Utrecht:

Presentation 10/06/2005 'First names in The Netherlands, from preferences of parents to socio-geographic representations', CLCG Linguistics Colloquium, Groningen:

Gerritzen, D., van Nifterick, E., and Bloothooft, G. (2005). 'Proper names and etymology: the special position of first names', RIOn International Series, 1, 147-156.

Bloothooft, G. (2002). 'Naming and subcultures in The Netherlands', Proceedings International Conference of Onomastic Sciences, Uppsala, eds E. Brylla and M. Wahlberg, part 2, pp 53-62 (published 2006):

Below you may enjoy the map of forenames:

It's possible due to forenames database:

In Dutch we should point out this work: (On forenames, Über Vornamen, Sur les prénoms, Об именах)

I have met Professor Bloothooft for the first time on the ICOS 2011 in Barcelona, but before we have already exchanged several letters about possible postdoc and onomastic investigations. It was just great!!!

Thank you, Gerrit! 

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