Saturday, November 4, 2017

Research project 2018-2020: "Weaving Onomastic Tapestries: Corpus-Building and Analysis of Non-Chinese Names in Northeastern China, 1368-1948"

The University of Hong Kong

Grant Data

Project Title                Weaving Onomastic Tapestries: Corpus-Building and Analysis of Non-
                                     Chinese Names in Northeastern China, 1368-1948

Principal Investigator   Dr Kim, Loretta Eumie

Duration                       36

Start Date                     2018-01-01
Completion Date         2020-12-31

Amount                       403000

Keywords                    Northeast China, regional history, onomastics, data curation
Discipline                    History,Area Studies (including Japanese Studies, China Studies,
                                     European Studies
Sponsor                       RGC General Research Fund (GRF)
HKU Project Code      17601317
Grant Type                 General Research Fund (GRF)

Funding Year              2017/2018
Status                          On-going


  •       To organize the data in digital and print versions that will be searchable and accessible throughout the world; 
  •       To analyze the data for patterns of how non-Chinese given and family names were used and recorded during the period under study and to establish new paradigms for determining what are "native" and "borrowed" names for the non-Chinese populations represented in the dataset; 
  •       To create a dataset that can be both independently useful and a part of a larger corpus of non-Chinese names throughout Chinese history; 
  •       To train a postgraduate student who will become proficient in the discipline of China Studies and the applied field of data curation.

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