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The Economy in Names: Values, Branding and Globalization


Names in the Economy 6

International conference, Uppsala, 3–5 June 2019

The Economy in Names

Values, Branding and Globalization

Call for Papers

After the successful conferences in Antwerp, Vienna, Amsterdam, Turku and Verona, we are now pleased to invite you to the Sixth International Conference on Names in the Economy in Uppsala, Sweden, on 3–5 June 2019, hosted by the Institute for Language and Folklore, together with the Department of Scandinavian Languages at Uppsala University.
The focus at this conference will be the economy or economic aspects hidden or evident in various types of names: how names can hold different values, how names can be used, or misused, to enhance such values, how names can be used in branding, and how names can be a financial means in a global world. Contributions may cover the fields of product names, company names, brand names, place names and all other proper names that are of economic interest.

Presentations, venue and language

The conference program allows both oral and poster presentations. The oral presentations must take no longer than 20 minutes + 5 minutes for questions and comments from the floor.
The conference venue will be Uppsala Archive Centre: show me wherelänk till annan webbplats, öppnas i nytt fönster!
The official conference language is English, but presentations may also be given in French or German.

Abstract submission

If you wish to present a paper or a poster at the symposium, please send a paper abstract or a poster abstract by 15 November 2018 to
Abstracts should briefly (max. 400 words) show the purpose, perspective and findings of the paper or the poster.
All proposals will be read and assessed by members of the International Scientific Committee. The acceptance of proposals and the invitation to the conference will be posted in late December 2018.

Registration and payment

The closing date for registration and payment is 1 April 2019. The conference fee for participants is 120 euro/1300 SEK (students 90 euro/1000 SEK). The registration fee includes the whole program, the conference material, the welcoming reception on Monday, and the conference dinner on Tuesday. Note that after the closing date the payment will be 170 euro/1850 SEK (students 120 euro/1300 SEK).

International Scientific Committee

Members of the international scientific committee are Angelica Bergien, Paola Cotticelli, Katharina Leibring, Antje Lobin, Staffan Nyström, Paula Sjöblom, and Holger Wochele.


A selection of papers presented will be published in the proceedings after the conference. Deadline for manuscripts of full papers is 31 August 2019. The papers are subject to acceptance by two peer reviewers. More details will be given later.


Members of the organizing committee are Katharina Leibring, Staffan Nyström, Josefin Devine, Leila Mattfolk, Kristina Neumüller, and Elin Pihl.
All further information will soon be available here at the conference website:
You may also contact us via e-mail:


The conference is organised by the Institute for Language and Folklore and the Department of Scandinavian Languages at Uppsala University.

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