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Onomastic Highlights of 2018

Having access to the statistics of e-Onomastics, ICOS on Facebook and ICOS on Twitter, I decided to sum up the most interesting onomastic highlights of the outgoing year. Fisrt, I've counted together all visits on my blog e-Onomastics, all reactions on Facebook and all engagements on Twitter. Thereto, I've added comments and likes. Then, I divided all post into categories and made an overall rating.

Let's have a look how rich the year of 2018 was (within brackets you may see ranking points) :

Top 10 of onomastic journals and periodics:

(569) Voprosy onomastiki (Problems of Onomastics) / Vol.15.
(159) Acta onomastica / Vol.59
(139) Österreichische Namenforschung / Beihefte 6
(131) Namenkundlichen Informationen / Band 109/110 "Namen in Europa"
(124) Λογος όνομαστική / № 6
(119) Rivista Italiana di Onomastica / Vol. XXIII + XXIV
(110) Onomastica Lipsiensia  / Band 13 "Namen und Berufe"
(108) Folia onomastica Croatica / Nr.26
(95)  Onomastica Canadiana / Nr. 95-96
(94)  Nouvelle Revue d'Onomastique / n°59-60

Top 10 of onomastic publications: 

(204) Onomastics between Sacred and Profane
(204) The Political Life of Urban Streetscapes: Naming, Politics, and Place
(144) Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Onomastics "Name and Naming"
(128) Namen und Geschlechter, Studien zum onymischen Un/doing Gender
(109) Topography and Toponymy in the Ancient Near East: Perspectives and Prospects
(84)   Katharina och namnen (Vänskrift till Katharina Leibring på 60-årsdagen)
(79)  Toponymie et ressources géologiques en Amérique du Nord (Québec) 
(72)  Proper names in professional translation / Eigennamen in der Fachübersetzung
(65)  L’appellativisation du prénom, Étude contrastive allemand-français
(61)  L'onomastique en negro-culture : dits et non-dits

Friends and colleagues we lost in 2018 (no ranking, chronological order)

Prof. Ricaro Cierbide (1936-2018, Spain) 
Dr. Jordi J. Costa (1939-2018, France) 
Prof. Thorsten Andersson (1929-2018, Sweden)
Prof. Lyubomir Beley (1962-2018, Ukraine)
Prof. Milan Majtán (1934-2018, Slovakia)
Dr. George Redmonds (1936-2018, United Kingdom)
Dr. Teodolius Witkowski (1930-2018, Germany)
Prof. Vasily Bondaletov (1928-2018, Russia) 
Dr. Gerhard Koß (1933-2018, Germany) 
Prof. Aleksandra Cieślikowa (1936-2018, Poland) 

Top 20 onomastic events in 2018:

(710) 21st International and Nationwide Conference on Onomastics (MiOKO) in Poland
(381) ICOS Board of Directors 2017-2020 Meeting at the Helsinki University
(289) The 2018 Medium Ævum Day Conference: Names and Identity in the Medieval World
(269) International conference “Onomastic Investigations” in Riga
(267) NORNA's 48'e symposium i Göteborg
(258) 52nd Meeting of the Canadian Society for the Study of Names
(255) 20th NSSA International Congress (South Africa)
(248) 6ο Πανελλήνιο Ονοματολογικό Συνέδριο
(232) Tagung 2018 Namengeographie in Mainz
(197) UNGEGN Scientific Symposium in Brussel
(184) Symposium "Namenforschung im Spannungsfeld von Wissenschaft und Öffentlichkeit"
(176) VI Jornada de la Societat d’Onomàstica
(174) 2nd Ostrava Onomastic Meeting
(162) Welsh Place-Name Society Conference Day in Bangor
(159) Colloque « Le nom propre en poésie »
(152) VII Convegno nazionale di Toponomastica femminile
(148) 1st Conference on Pokémonastics
(146) XXVIII Jornada d'Antroponímia i Toponímia
(111) Colloque de la Société française d'onomastique
(98)  XXIII Convegno internazionale di Onomastica&Letteratura

New Databases and databanks available in 2018

(191) Place Names Database of the Institute of the Estonian Language (KNAB)
(132) Bibliography on commercial names by Ilia Baranov
(125) Basque Onomastics Database (EODA)
(86)   Bibliographie de l'onomastique française
(76)   List of Standardised Welsh Place-names
(70)  Gazetteer with more than 2 million place names for Scotland, England and Wales (1888-1913)
(60)  Etymologiebank bevat nu ook plaatsnamen
(39)  Toponymie de la France (PANDOR)

Trainings 2018: 

(154) Regional Training Program in Toponymy (Philippines)
(87)  Onomastics Training Week by Persia & Babylonia project

Videos 2018: 

99 Using place-names to build absolute chronologies for language
84 Zinātniskās konferences “Onomastikas pētījumi” preses konference
51 Actes vidéo d’un colloque « Nommer les nouveaux territoires en Bretagne » 

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