Saturday, March 27, 2021

The latest issue of Studia anthroponymica Scandinavica (SAS) is the last


The Nordic onomastic journal Studia anthroponymica Scandinavica (SAS) was founded in 1983. The most recent volume 35 out of year 2020 issued after the 34th volume in 2016 will be the final journal number. 

Henceforth, onomastic research will be published in two journals (by the Royal Gustav Adolf Academy ): Namn och bygd ("Name and area" from 2020) and the recently started Nordisk tidskrift för socioonomastik / Nordic Journal of Socio-Onomastics, with a first volume planned for 2021.

SAS has been a scientific forum for contributions to onomastic research under etymological, grammatical, historical, semantic, sociological and stylistic aspects of personal names. It published articles on methodological, terminological and legal naming practices. One of the journal's aims was to link onomastics not only with linguistic research but also with ethnology, genealogy, history, literary studies, cultural and religious history, and sociology. Each issue of SAS also contained a review section that dealt with recent names-related literature.


1983-2000: Thorsten Andersson (photo) and Lena Peterson

2001-2010: Lena Peterson and Eva Brylla  

2011-2014; Eva Brylla and Katharina Leibring, 

2014-2015: Eva Brylla, Katharina Leibring and Lennart Ryman. 

since 2015: Katharina Leibring and Lennart Ryman.

SAS is available in digital format from Vol. 27, 2009 onwards. Previous issues will be made available one by one on this website

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