Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Conference 'Inventaris onomàstics als Països Catalans. Estat de la qüestió'


Conference 5: Wednesday 23rd June

4 - 5:30 pm. Conference 'Inventaris onomàstics als Països Catalans. Estat de la qüestió' (Onomastic Inventories in Catalan-speaking Regions: State of Play).

Conference given by Pere Navarro Gómez.

Abstract: Comprehensive municipal onomastic inventories include current and past toponyms and anthroponyms for a specific location with a view to safeguarding intangible heritage represented by the place and personal names of an area linked to specific human settlements. Comprehensive inventories come from both oral sources (through fieldwork with interviewees) and from consulting handwritten and printed documents.

Over two hundred municipal onomastic works from around Catalan-speaking regions have been put together, from the first on Sant Pere de Ribes in 1936 by Cristòfor Cardús, to the most recent on Torre de l'Espanyol in 2020 by Sílvia Veà.

The Vallès Oriental, Camp de Tarragona and Priorat stand out for their published municipal onomastic inventories. To date, all territories have municipal onomastic inventories, from Alghero to La Franja in Aragón, and from Roussillon to southern Valencia.

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