Monday, July 19, 2021



July 8 of this year by order of the West Kazakhstan Regional Department for the Development of Languages, organized by the youth public association «Integral», the regional stage of the republican competition «Ulttyk Onomastica - El Ainasy» was held online. 

The main objectives of the competition are: 

- implementation of the Law «On languages in the Republic of Kazakhstan» and «State program for the implementation of language policy in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2020-2025 years» in government agencies; 

- to activate the work of onomastics departments in local executive agencies to give them the opportunity to exchange experience; 

- Professional development of industry professionals to improve the name and renaming; 

- improving the quality of outreach work among the local population; 

- moral and material support of employees in the field of onomastics. 

The competition consisted of 4 stages: 

Stage 1. Introduce the name and composition of the participating group, state the goals and objectives of the competition team and show a video about the work done in the district for a minute (3 minutes); 

Stage 2. Competition of team captains «Ataular – syr shertedi». At this stage, each group selects a cell shown on the screen, finds the changed and renamed streets in the region between 2020 and 2021, and explains why the new streets were given these names; 

Stage 3. Team competition «Zher-sudyn aty - tarikhtyn khaty». At this stage, each group will display an image of popular places in the region (for example, the waterfall in Chingirlau, the Khan's palace in the Bokei-Orda, etc.). Participants will name a place in the picture where it is located in the district and give a short historical description. 

Stage 4. Group competition – «Onomastics». Answers to questions about regulations governing the field of onomastics, working conditions in the field of naming, renaming and the «State program for the implementation of language policy in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2020-2025 years». 

The «Baiterek» team (Baiterek District), which successfully passed four stages of the competition and took first place in command points, was awarded a cash prize of 90,000 tenge. 

The team «Atameken», which took the second place from the city of Uralsk, was awarded 70,000 tenge, and the group «Shezhireli Meken» (Kaztalovka district), which took the third place, was awarded 50,000 tenge. Also by the decision of the jury in the nomination «Til Korgany» the team «Terekti» of the Terekti district and a cash prize of 10,000 tenge were awarded. 

The award ceremony for the winners of the competition took place on July 15, 2021 year. The winners were awarded with diplomas, money certificates and flowers.

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