Sunday, August 29, 2021

International workshop: Name-based lexical patterns: morphology, phonology, usage


Trier Center for Language and Communication / Patterns Research Group

University of Trier, Germany

October 6- October 7, 2021

The workshop will be held as a hybrid event (in presence and online).

The workshop explores a wide range of phenomena that can be subsumed under the label name-based lexical patterns (NBLPs). These are patterns that emerge by combining lexical units and proper names according to different word-formation patterns such as, for example, name-name blends (Brangelina < Brad and Angelina), name-lexeme-blends (Hitlary < Hitler and Hillary), complex blends (Gerda Schröckel: Gerhard Schröder and Angela Merkel), proper name compounds (Kofferschäuble/suitcase-Schäuble), re-interpretations (Joe Byedon), or derivatives (Selenator < a fan of Selena (Gomez)).

NBLPs have traditionally played a rather marginal role in studies of word-formation. Whereas in some accounts they are considered to be rare and creative, other accounts assume that there is no principled difference between patterns involving names and other patterns (e.g. Ronneberger-Sibold 2015, Bauer et al. 2013). Both approaches raise questions, however. Thus, the idea that such formations are marginal seems difficult to reconcile with recent empirical work claiming that such forms are highly productive (Kotowski et al. 2021, Filatkina 2019, Beliaeva & Knoblock 2020, Fischer & Wochele 2018), something that is especially true for non-standard registers such as those used in social media contexts. Accounts that do not assume that NBLPs are special often consider examples with and without names to be representative for a given word-formation category, but often without theoretical commitment. At the same time, certain patterns have been shown to be different for names than for non-names (cf. e.g. Lappe 2007, Berg 2011 on name truncation, Nübling 2017). Finally, NBLPs present a challenge to empirical research, as patterns involving names are notoriously difficult to track in corpora, and names are often excluded from lexical databases.

The workshop seeks to bring together morphological, phonological, semantic, pragmatic, discourse analytic, and onomastic approaches to the study of NBLPs. We invite empirical, theoretical, and/or methodological contributions that shed new theoretical and empirical light on the role of proper names in word-formation processes and explore the productivity of these patterns across standard and nonstandard corpora, different topics, discourse domains, and languages. 

Invited speakers

Natalia Beliaeva (Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand)

Natalia Filatkina (University of Hamburg, Germany)

Barbara Schlücker (University of Leipzig, Germany)


Abstract submission & notification of acceptance

Abstracts must not exceed 300 words (excl. references) and should be submitted as an email attachment to

Sabine Arndt-Lappe ( and Milena Belosevic (

Extended deadline for abstract submission: Aug 15, 2021

Notification of acceptance: Aug 30, 2021



The workshop will be held as a hybrid event, offering participants to take part virtually or in presence (the latter of course only under the precondition that a face-to-face workshop is compatible with health regulations at the time of the workshop). Depending on the health situation we will also be able to move the workshop fully into virtual space. Please indicate in your application email in which mode you would like to participate (virtual or in presence) and, if applicable, for which nights you will need accomodation. You will not have to make your decision definite until Aug. 15, however. If the health situation changes, later cancellations will of course also be possible.

There will be no conference fees; travel costs and accomodation for presenters will be covered.


Trier Center for Language and Communication / Patterns Research Group,

Sabine Arndt-Lappe (Trier University, Germany)

Milena Belosevic (Trier University, Germany)


For inquiries about the workshop, please contact: Sabine Arndt-Lappe ( or Milena Belosevic (

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