Thursday, August 12, 2021

Toponyms are of greatest interest for "Stories of Spaces and Places" Project


Do you have a place or space that is special to you? Is there a particular story or experience that you associate with it? How does it make you feel? Our new Stories of Spaces and Places project is an opportunity to share thoughts, memories and responses to your favourite place with us through our interactive map.

We would like you to get creative and celebrate your chosen place by sharing a photo, or some text. You might like to take a picture of a specific feature, share an image of some art or craft it has inspired, a poem, a piece of creative writing or an experience. You might be inspired by a piece of architecture, landscape, or a memory of an experience you had there.

By exploring the Stories of Spaces and Places map you will help us create a giant collage of memories, meanings and effects of the places we cherish and love. You will be able to find out about others’ experiences in or near your chosen place and discover or be inspired to think about your own and other places from a different perspective. It will be interesting to see if people respond to places in similar ways or if it is unique to you!

Stories of Spaces and Places has been developed by the Council for British Archaeology working with the University of Southampton and Patrick Gibbs of Heritage360 at the University of York.

To add your place to the project, log in using your Festival of Archaeology account, or register for a new account.

To help get you started we've put together a simple step by step guide to show you how to register with the Festival website and upload your story.

Download the guide here:

You can also help us find out how different kinds of places may contribute to feelings of wellbeing by filling in a short questionnaire about how your special place makes you feel. Access the survey by logging in and going to your place page on this website. The information from the questionnaire will not be shared on the map.

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