Monday, February 18, 2013

Le nom propre - Fonctions logiques et inconscientes

A new book on proper names has appeared recently:

PUF COLLECTION : philosophie d'aujourd'hui 
ISBN : 978-2-13-061730-3 
EAN : 9782130617303 
321 p.

Proper name, a major linguistic mistery has acquired the status of a philosophical problem since the time of Bertrand Russell. Nothing more alive than a proper name, despite its look of "rigid indicator" (Kripke). That's all what certifies its history of three subsets (byname, forename and surname), be it patrilineal or matrilineal. The proper name draws its symbolic function and this book makes a contribution to the "logics of names" with the resources of psychoanalysis.

The "unconscious life" of the proper name appears in various functions (identifying, erotic, etc.) and impose itself as a condition of consciousness, as an indicator of the speech. Its role concerns finally the psychopathology, whether an ordinary amnesia of the name or its foreclosure in the psychoses. Thus we see how the major languistic stake for the contemporary "analytic philosophy" is showing up.  And beyond, it also concerns the issues related to writing, what this book investigates as well.

Gérard Pommier is a psychoanalyst in Paris, a psychiatrist and professor emeritus, a member of "Analytic Space". He currently teaches at Paris VII. He is the author of "Birth and Rebirth of writing" (PUF, 1993) and "What does it mean "make" love"? (Flammarion, 2010).

His interview can be found here:

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