Saturday, February 16, 2013

French Onomastician Sarah Leroy crossed a Great Divide (((

I deeply regret to announce that a famous  and young French onomatologist Sarah Leroy has been found dead at her Paris home more than one week ago. The police could not give any details yet...

That most distressing news can be already read on the website of Praxiling at the University Montpellier 3 where she had studied:

Sarah has been a student there, she has successfully defended her PhD thesis " Entre identification et catégorisation, l'antonomase du nom propre en français" (2001)

in that lab under the direction of Prof. Paul Siblot, who was working among others on the socionomastics:

Dr. Sarah Leroy forged her linguistic thought in the school of Montpellier. I do honour to Madam Leroy and I am proud for having known her personally for a couple of years during my doctoral research at Paris X. She was very kind to me and gave me to read her PhD thesis and this work on modified proper names:

I am in mourning and extend my sincere condolences to the family and relatives. Toutes mes condoléances

As a commemoration I would like to evoke her exciting manuscript, which I keep and use like a reference work till now:

Her personal page in the lab MoDyCo where I am a member "jeune chercheur associé":

She researched on:

- discursive phenomena of categorization (operations of linguistic (re)categorization, of identity attribution in the intersubjective negociation carried out by proper nouns, comparisons and reformulations);
- delimitation and construction of categories (category of proper names envisaged purely as a linguistic subject or category of deonomastic forms);
- categorial shifts and contacts within the lexicon (derrivatives, loanwords) and other languages.

One video can be found under:
It's "Un exemple d’annotation sur corpus oral transcrit : PFC".

Another can be seen here: It's about "Parangon et identité: les constructions comparatives".

I would like to enumerate some of her works on onomastics:

"Des patrons morpho-syntaxiques pour le repérage automatique de l'antonomase du nom propre" //
Morin A. & Sébillot P. (éd.), JADT 2002 - 6es Journées internationales d'Analyse statistique des Données Textuelles, Saint-Malo. - Morin A. & Sébillot P. (éd.), JADT 2002 - 6es Journées internationales d'Analyse statistique des Données Textuelles, Saint-Malo., France (2002)

"L'emploi exemplaire, un premier pas vers la métaphorisation ?" // Langue Française, 146 (2005) pp. 84-98.

"Une date dans la description linguistique du nom propre : l'Essai de grammaire de la langue française de Damourette et Pichon" ( with Muni Toke V.) // Lalies, 27 (2007) pp. 115-190.

"Des Vanessa, des José Bové : dénominations éphémères et dynamique de la lexicalisation" // Revue Romane, 42-1 (2007) pp. 65-82.

Thank you, Sarah! Sleep tight...

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