Tuesday, February 26, 2013



The late Herb Caen, venerable San Francisco columnist and inventor of three dot journalism (do kids today even know who he is?), would often run stories about people whose names happened to be suggestive of their job or situation in life.

Like the guy who called up my Aunt Karen (back when she worked selling fixtures such as fasteners and knobs) to buy 6 gross brass knobs, whose name was Watanabe (pronounced Want-A-Knobbie).


In the paper this morning, story about the two skiers from San Francisco who were rescued two days after being reported missing, and who were found seven miles away from the ski resort, suffering from minor frostbite, using survival techniques they learned from the Discovery channel.

One of them had the last name of “Frost.”

Dun dun dun.

Good thing his name wasn’t “Frozetodeath.”

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