Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Zoonomastics translated by me from German

La Zoonímia en la Onomastica [Zoonymy in the naming]

ed. by Emili Casanova

Onomàstica Mediterrània: Onomàstica d’origen zoonímic i dels intercanvis entre pobles, edició a cura d’Emili Casanova, València: Editorial Denes 2012, 446 S. ISBN: 978-84-92768-98-1.

Under this title are the proceedings of the conference "La Zoonímia en la Onomastica" (Valencia, April 2012) enviable rapidly available. It blends in activities of the international PhD program "Onomastica" from the University of Turin.

In addition to this specific topic of research, "Els assentaments i les circulacions onomastiques a la Mediterrània" [Settlements and name exchanges in the Mediterranean] has been treated.

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