Monday, November 28, 2016

Philistine Names and Terms Once Again: A Recent Perspective

A new article dealing with Philistine names and terms, jointly written by Aren, Brent and Louise, has just appeared!
See here a link to the final proofs of the article (as I do not have permission to post the final version)
The full title is:
Maeir, A. M., Davis, B., and Hitchcock, L. A. 2016. Philistine Names and Terms Once Again: A Recent Perspective. Journal of Eastern Mediterranean Archaeology and Heritage 4(4): 321–40.
And here is the abstract:
In the last decade or so, new data and interpretations on the onomastics of Iron Age Philistia have appeared.In this article, we review, discuss, and suggest some insights regarding some of these Philistine personal names (e.g., Goliath), names of deities (e.g., PTGYH), and terms (e.g., seren). We assess them from linguistic, cultural, anthropological, and historical points of view. We then propose how they can be understood within the wider socio-cultural context(s) of Iron Age Philistia specifically and the wider eastern Mediterranean in general, and how they can be incorporated into efforts to understand the origins, development, and transformation of the Philistines and their culture(s).

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