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Onomastic Highlights 2019

Just like last year (here), I decided to sum up the most interesting onomastic highlights of the outgoing year. Fisrt, I've counted together all visits on my blog e-Onomastics, all reactions on ICOS Facebook and all engagements on ICOS Twitter. Thereto, I've added comments and likes. Then, I divided all post into
categories and made an overall rating.

Let's have a look how rich the year of 2019 was (within brackets you may see ranking points. They reflect the online impact, which the corresponding events got in social media) :

TOP 20 Events

(2.179) 1st ICOS Summer School (Finland)
(1.503) 5th International Conference on Onomastics “Name and Naming” (Romania)
(1.462) Conference “Personal Names and Cultural Reconstructions” (Finland)
(1.252) 1st Session of the United Nations Group of Experts on Geographical Names (USA)
(1.097) 8ème Colloque Onomastique Suisse (Switzerland)
(1.072) Names in the Economy 6 (Sweden)
(956)   4-ая конференция "Этнолингвистика. Ономастика. Этимология" (Russia)
(861)   4th A.Vanagas’ Conference “Onyms in Space and Space in Onyms” (Lithuania)
(860)   53rd Annual Meeting of Canadian Society for the Studies of Names (Canada)
(679)   28th SNSBI Spring Conference (England)
(673)   GeoNames19 Simposium (Austria)
(558)   Kонференция «Ономастика в Смоленске и Витебске » (Russia/Belarus)
(498)   29th Jornada dAntroponímia i Toponíma del Gabinet dOnomàstica de la UIB (Spain)


(2.053)  90 - Alexandra Superanskaya (1929-2013) Russian Academy of Sciences 
(462)     90 - Afat Qurbanov (1929-2009, Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University) 
(381)     80 - Aydın Paşayev (Baku State University) 
(312)     85 - Karlheinz Hengst (German Society of Onomastics)
(305)     80 - Ludwig Selimski (Veliko Tarnovo University of Cyril and Methodius) 
(237)     70 - Peter Jordan (Austrian Academy of Sciences) 
(204)     70 - Kiril Tsanсov (Veliko Tarnovo University of Cyril and Methodius) 

Organisations and societies
(305)     65 - Jahre Sprachforschung zu Namen in Leipzig 
(119)     45 - Societat d’Onomàstica 

TOP 10 Books and Works

(1.118)  Proceedings of the 26th ICOS Congress 
(438)    Grammar ofnames (Language Typology and Universals, Vol. 72) 

TOP 7 Awards and prizes

(512) Best Onomastic Article 2018 (by American Name Society) 
(487) Prof. Terhi Ainiala (by the Helsinki City) 
(430) Associazione Toponomastica femminile (EESC Civil Society Prize) 
(361) Jean Germain (by Société Française d'Onomastique) 
(329) DOC scholarship for Magdalena Schwarz (by Austrian Academy of Sciences) 
(324) Welsh Place-Name Society (lottery grant) 
(274) Ville de Matane (Mérite du français en toponymie) 

TOP 10 Journals

(757) Voprosy onomastiki  (Вопросы ономастики) 16 (1/2/3) 
(583) Onoma 51/52 
(443) Noms. Revista de la Societat d’Onomàstica (11) 
(370) Acta Onomastica LX  
(266) Namn och bygd (2018) 

Friends and colleagues we lost in 2019 (no ranking, chronological order)

Dragoş Moldovanu, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Romania (1941-2019)
Alan Rayburn, Canadian Permanent Committee on Geographical Names, Canada (1932-2019)
John Algeo, American Name Society, USA (1930-2019)
Bogusław Nowowiejski, University of Białystok, Poland (1954-2019)
Karol Zierhoffer, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland (1924-2019)
Don Orth, United Nations Group of Experts on Geographic Names, USA (1925-2019)
Stefan Warchoł, Maria Curie-Skłodowska University, Poland (1930–2019)
Markus Ramseier, Stiftung für Orts- und Flurnamen-Forschung Basel, Swizterland (1955-2019)

Software, online data or apps

(361) Database "Toponyms of Pisidia and Lycia" 
(259) Nimisampo (software for place-name datasets) 

Projects and networks

(986) Piuronomastica, i luoghi di Piuro 
(721) Research network "New trends in Nordic Socio-onomastics" 
(239) Kazakhstan’s project « School of Onomastics » 


(1.695) New website of ONOMA Journal 
(899)    e-Onomastics 800.000 visits and 7 years old
(744)    New website of ICOS 
(668)    Onomastics on Twitter (report)
(541)    Onomastics on Facebook (report)
(445)    Logainm, series exploring Irish toponyms 
(277)    Facebook Group of ICOS 2020 

Most expected events 2020

(3.225) ICOS 2020 (Poland)
(1.912) ACTA60 Onomastic Conference + 3rd Ostrava Onomastic Meeting Event (Czechia)
(857)    Interdisciplinary conference "Mapping Space Mapping Time Mapping Texts" (UK)
(714)    XIXe Colloque d'Onomastique (France)
(527)    ANS Annual Conference (USA)

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