Sunday, January 8, 2023

Found in translation: the Welsh place-names of the Cambrian Mountains


online talk by Dylan Foster Evans !!!

Names of hills, valleys and scattered signs of human presence give layers of insight into the people who've lived and worked the uplands

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The apparent emptiness of the Cambrian Mountains today belies a long and deep history of human settlement and activity. Every hill, common, stream, track, standing stone and cairn has a name, not to mention many fields and the more recent features of chapels, mines, farms (standing and ruined). To non-Welsh speakers, these names - hard to pronounce and so hard to remember - are more likely to hinder an understanding of the landscape than help it. To those who can follow the Welsh descriptions and decipher the old names, however, they act as an encyclopoedia of information about the events, imaginings and relationships of the people who conferred the names on the landscape.

In this webinar, Dylan Foster Evans, the Chair of the Welsh Place-Name Society, will discuss what we can learn from the place-names of the Cambrians about the languages, landscape, history and culture of the country. 

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