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Onomastic Highlights 2022

 Just like last four years (201920182020, 2021), I decided to sum up the most interesting onomastic highlights of the outgoing year. Fisrt, I've counted together all visits on my blog e-Onomastics and ICOS Website, all reactions on ICOS Facebook and all engagements on ICOS Twitter. Thereto, I've added comments and likes. Then, I divided all post into categories and made an overall rating. Additionally, we have to count views on the new ICOS YouTube Channel what is directly related to the initiative "Onomastics Lectures Online"

Let's have a look how rich the year of 2022 was (within brackets you may see ranking points. They reflect the online impact, which the corresponding events got in social media) :

TOP 15 Onomastic Events

(1.367) Online symposium "People’s Names: Identities and Inequalities"

(865)    46th Congress of Limburg Dialectal and Onomastic Association

(788)    American Name Society Annual Meeting 2022

(736)    IV Jornadas Antroponomásticas

(715)   Tagungen der Gesellschaft für Namenforschung und des ABÖN

(510)   Ecole thématique (Se)NOMMER : NOMMER, ÊTRE NOMMÉ-E, SE NOMMER

(455)   VII Xornada de Onomástica Galega

(452)   56th Annual Meeting of the Canadian Society for the Study of Names

(450)   V межд. конференция «Этнолингвистика. Ономастика. Этимология»

(441)   22nd Slovak Onomastic Conference

(398)   47è Col·loqui de la Societat d’Onomàstica

(381)   XXVth International Onomastica & Letteratura Symposium

(347)   SNSBI Spring Conference 2022

(322)   30th Anthroponymy and Toponymy Conference: Past, Present and Future

(297)   XIXe Colloque d'Onomastique à Tours

TOP 6 Toponymic Events

(213)    SPNS Autumn Conference 2022


(1.010) e-Onomastics 10 years old

(373)    Prof.Dieter Kremer 80th birthday

(287)    Folia Onomastica Croatica's 30th anniversary

TOP 13 Books and Proceedings

(1.830) Antroponimia wiernych parafii prawosławnych na Kujawach Wschodnich i w ziemi dobrzyńskiej wII połowie XIX i w początkach XX wieku

(871) The Politics of Place Naming, Naming the World

(748) Proceedings ICONN 5

(577) Kleiner deutscher Familiennamenatlas

(506) Naming and Mapping the Gods in the Ancient Mediterranean

(431) Personal Names: an introduction to Brazilian anthroponymy

(387) Encountering Toponymic Geopolitics

(368) Onomastic investigations from a cognitive approach

(318) Koloniale und postkoloniale Mikrotoponyme

(289) Personal Names in a Medieval Context

(276) Luzerner Namenbuch 4

(202) From Etymology to Landscape — Onomastics for the 21st Century

(92) The Referential Mechanism of Proper Names

TOP 12 new Journals' issues 

(1.302) Onomástica desde América Latina 6

(733) ONOMA 56


(343) MONDONOMO Articles (online journal)

(321) Rivista internazionale di onomastica letteraria 2022

(310) Onomástica desde América Latina 5

(296) Nordic Journal of Socio-Onomastics 2

(278) Studies in Indian Place Names 41

(242) Noms 18

(---) Onomastica 66 (published in December)

(---) Onomàstica 8 / Anuari de la Societat d’Onomàstica (published in December)

Online Media, Data, App/Software

(3.062) MONDONOMO Names Database

(2.641) ICOS YouTube Channel

(2.585) Onomastics Online

(1.709) Publications of English Place-Name Society Available Online

(729) Video by Dr Jane Pilcher: Why does the pronunciation of students’ names matter?

(673) ICOS page “Onomastic Research Worldwide

(633) Euskal Corpus Onomastikoa (ECO) Database

(495) Onomastic Highlights 2021

(443) Online Talk ‘Family names in the North of Ireland’

(356) App "Visor Toponímico Mexicano"

(213) An index to personal names in English place-names available online

(94) American Name Society YouTube Channel

(94) Onomastica Canadiana Twitter

Onomastics Online Lectures

(3.659) Onomastics Online 1

(2.870) Onomastics Online 2

(2.000) Onomastics Online 6

 (1.900) Onomastics Online 4

(1.739) Onomastics Online 5

(1.330) Onomastics Online 3

(1.143) Onomastics Online 8

(1.059) Onomastics Online 7

What's New? 

(1.421) Surname Atlas of German-speaking Switzerland Project

(412) "Proper Names in the Bibles" Project by MONDONOMO

(244) Nouvelle rédactrice en chef francophone de la revue Onomastica Canadiana

(251) New Anglophone Editor in Chief of Onomastica Canadiana Journal

(230) Médaille du Département pour le toponymiste Stéphane Gendron 

(44) Project "The Power of Labels: The Meaning and Use of Names for Identities and Conditions"

Friends and colleagues we lost in 2022 (no ranking, chronological order)

Gabriele Rodriguez (1961-2022), Namenberatungsstelle, Leipzig University, Germany

Aleksander Wilkoń (1935-2022), State Higher Vocational School in Tarnow, Poland

Wolfgang P. Ahrens (1940-2022), former CSSN President, ICOS member, Canada

Ludvig Selimski (1939-2022), University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius in Trnava, Bulgaria

Jan H. Segers (1942-2022), Flemish toponymist, founder of the Limburgian Dialect and Name Society, Belgium

Riemer Reinsma (1941-2022), founding member of Joint ICA/IGU Commission on Toponymy, The Netherlands

Volkmar Hellfritzsch (1935-2022), Abteilung Deutsch-Slavische Namenforschung, Leipzig University, Germany

Michael Falk (1931-2022), CSSN member, Onomastica Canadiana contributor, Canada

Bertie Neethling (1947-2022), NSSA member, University of the Western Cape, South Africa

Elixio Rivas (1925-2022), Co-Founder of the Galician Association of Onomastics, Spain

Erika Weber (1934-2022), Mitarbeiterin der Leipziger Namenforschung, Germany

Most expected events 2023

(862) 'Names and Naming' Oxford Medieval Graduate Conference 2023

(818) Seminar “The Evolution of Shakespeare’s Names on Screen, Stage, and Page

(744) American Name Society Annual Meeting 2023

(491) 23rd International and Nationwide Conference on Onomastics 2023

(450) 50th NORNA-symposium 2023

(415) "Namen und Politik" Tagung 2023

(367) 8th Panhellenic Onomastic Congress

(325) Workshop “Dis/continuity in the representation of gender in names across languages” 2023

(292) 57th Annual Meeting of the Canadian Society for the Study of Names

(106) NITE 7: Names In The Economy 7 (2023)

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