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Sub-theme "Onomastics" at the Conference "Indigenous knowledge systems and empowerment of African Languages in the 21st century"

African Language Association of Southern Africa in association with the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of the University of Namibia and the Faculty of Human Sciences of the Namibia University of Science and Technology will be hosting the 18th INTERIM CONFERENCE OF THE AFRICAN LANGUAGE ASSOCIATION OF SOUTHERN AFRICA 

                        Namibia University of Science and Technology

Date: From 29 th June – 1 st July 2016 


The Mandume Ndemufayo Street, Main Campus, University of Namibia, Windhoek 


Conference Theme: 
“Indigenous knowledge systems and empowerment of African Languages in the 21st century” 


Final date for submission of abstracts: 14 March 2016 
Submission of workshop proposals (500-800 words): 28 March 2016 

Proposals for paper presentations, workshops, interactive sessions, posters/exhibitions are invited to the 2016 ALASA Interim Conference at the University of Namibia. The conference will address a range of critically important themes in the various fields of language, translations and literatures. Plenary sessions will include presentations by some of the world’s leading thinkers in the humanities, as well as numerous papers, workshop and colloquium presentations by academics and researchers.

The purpose of the conference is to attract scholars and researchers from a variety of disciplines and to bring together a cohort of established and emerging researchers in one assembly to deliberate on topics related to the theme and sub-themes.


“Indigenous knowledge systems and empowerment of African Languages in the 21st century”

The above title will embrace contributions from a wide spectrum of research on African languages and cultures, from a historical perspective (reflections on what has been achieved so far towards the development of African languages and cultures) and future prospects (projections on how current research can impact on future developments).

Sub-themes include but are not confined to the following areas:

 African literature and poverty alleviation
 Literature in African languages
 Colonial and postcolonial literature in Africa
 Literary theories

Translation and lexicography:
 African languages and translation
 African languages and lexicography
 Terminology development
 Language research and documentation

Language policy and planning: 
 Language and education
 African languages and policies in Africa
 Linguistic imperialism
 African languages for specific purposes

Language in society:
 Language and the media
 Language, gender and identity
 Language, culture and identity
 Onomastics !!!
 Language contact and change, e.g. multilingualism, globalisation
 Language and politics
 Language and transformation

Language and technology:
 The use of technology in the teaching of African languages
 Human Language Technology (HLT) and African language research
 HLT and African language dictionaries

Theoretical linguistics:
 Morphology
 Phonology
 Syntax
 Semantics
 Discourse analysis
 Pragmatics
 Historical/comparative linguistics


Guidelines and instructions: 

Abstracts of 150-200 words in length should be submitted by e-mail as an Ms Word file accompanied by the following information:

Title, full names and surname:
Institutional affiliation:
E-mail address:
Telephone (cell/mobile or office):
Fax Number:
Postal address and postal code:
Full title of the paper:

Submission of abstracts: 

Submission of workshop proposals and abstracts should be made by e-mail to:

Dr Niklaas Fredericks: nfredericks
Dr P.A. Mbenzi: pmbenzi
Dr Rewai Makamani:
Prof. Jekura Kavari:
Ms Emelda Ucham:

All abstracts will be adjudicated.

Paper presentation and programme guidelines: 

Day 1:
Conference programme: Presentations of papers
Evening: Reception

Day 2: 
Conference programme: Presentations of papers, workshops
GALA dinner

Day 3: 
Conference programme: Presentations of papers
Afternoon OUTING: A visit to the Heroes Acre in Windhoek, the burial place of the Namibian heroes and heroines (details to be announced later).

A detailed programme will be announced once it has been finalised. Presentations will be confined to 20 minutes plus a 10-minute question/discussion session.


Final date for submission of abstracts:                             14 March 2016 
Notification of acceptance of abstracts:                             28 April 2016 
Submission of workshop proposals (500-800 words):        28 March 2016 
Notification of acceptance of workshop proposals:            14 April 2016

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