Sunday, September 20, 2020

Toponymist Boris Moiseev is 95 years old!


On September 5, 2020, Boris Aleksandrovich Moiseev, a bright, original local historian, turned 95 years old. For more than 70 years, a scientist whose name is known far beyond the borders of our region, has been studying the toponymy and dialects of the Orenburg region. Graduate of the Pedagogical Institute B. A. Moiseev worked at his home university from 1958 to 1995. During this time, he collected the richest material, without which it is impossible to imagine either the history of the Orenburg region, or its linguistic component:

"Reader of Orenburg dialects" (2005),

"Orenburg Regional Dictionary" (1st edition, 2010),

monograph "Local names of the Orenburg region" (2013),

"Toponymic sketches of the Orenburg region" (2016),

and also published for the 100th anniversary of our university "Orenburg Regional Dictionary" (2019), which is the first and complete lexicographic fixation of the dialectal diversity of the Orenburg region.

The scientific activity of B. A. Moiseev confirms the perspicacity of V. I. Dahl, who assessed "the collection of supplies from a living language, not from books and without scientific references" as hard ascetic labor: "this is not the work of an architect, not even a bricklayer, but the work of a carrier his, but the work of a lifetime ", and" a lot still needs to be worked to reveal the treasures of our native word, put them in order and put a complete, good dictionary; but chambers are not built without carriers; many hands must be applied. " In 2013, addressed to B.A. Moiseev.

A letter of gratitude was sent, signed by the Director of the ILI RAS Academician N. N. Kazansky. In 2017, Boris Alexandrovich Moiseev became the laureate of the Regional Literary Prize named after I. PI Rychkova in the nomination "Artistic and Publicistic Work" for the book "Toponymic Sketches of the Orenburg Region". And in 2018, within the framework of the IV Ural interregional competition "University Book" (Yekaterinburg), Boris Aleksandrovich was awarded a diploma in the nomination "The best popular science publication in linguistics."

A congratulatory address from the rector of the university, Svetlana Aleksandrovna Aleshina, was presented to the hero of the day on his birthday by colleagues and students, Professor E. N. Bekasova and Associate Professor P. A. Yakimov.

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