Saturday, January 9, 2021

Observatório onomástico (O-onoma) - a new network of researchers


The Observatório onomástico (O-onoma) [in English: Onomastic Observatory], created in 2020, is a network of researchers in the area of Onomastics in Brazil (in all its different lines of activity) that aims at the exchange of research findings, the cooperation between institutions, the drawing up and the development of interinstitutional projects.

Among the network's goals, we can highlight:

a) the increase in the visibility of the studies in the area;

b) the systematization of projects and publications in Onomastics;

c) the theoretical and applied description and analysis of the anthroponymy, the toponymy and other sets of proper names;

d) the identification of social demands regarding the creation, the registration and the description of proper names;

e) the drafting of social intervention proposals aiming at the fulfillment of the area's demands.

The Observatório onomástico, conceived by professors Eduardo Amaral (UFMG) and Márcia Seide (UNIOESTE), has interinstitutional character and is composed of members from different regions of the country, listed below.


Eduardo Tadeu Roque Amaral (UFMG)

Márcia Sipavicius Seide (UNIOESTE)

Alexandre Melo de Sousa (UFAC)

Ana Claudia Castiglioni (UFT)

Ana Paula Tribesse Patrício Dargel (UEMS)

Andérbio Márcio Silva Maratins (UFGD)

Aparecida Negri Isquerdo (UFMS)

Carmen Lúcia Reis Rodrigues (UFPA)

Célia Dias de Castro (UEMA)

Celina Márcia Abbade (UNEB) 

Fernando Hélio Tavares de Barros (Un. Bremen) 

Gabriele Cristina Rech (UEMS) 

Karylleila dos Santos Andrade Klinger (UFT) 

Marilze Tavares (UFGD)

Renato Pereira (UFMS)

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